Episode Review – Abandon All Hope…

(note: since 5 & 1 are both the highest and lowest possible scores, there is no modifier for them)

Due to his head exploding, Nate Winchester will not be able to review this weeks episode. His last words were reported to be “They shot the Devil! It failed! Why do I love and hate this kick-ass, awesome show so much?!?!?!” We’re going to see if we can make a deal or ask some angels to bring him back to life in time for next week’s episode.

Apparently shows will not return until Jan 21st. It might take awhile for him to recover…


3 thoughts on “Episode Review – Abandon All Hope…

  1. Wow, not as many spoilers as I was expecting.

    But seriously. Once they kill the devil, what sort of world would be left?

    Status Quo is God.

    • We have not yet been able to retrieve Mr Winchester, however we feel the need to point out that since this is the final season, status quo is NOT god. Kripke & Co are running to the finish line so they can change as much as they want without needing to worry about tomorrow so to speak.

  2. Lol, I don’t know why I said that.

    I just wonder what it’s going to be like after they kill the source of evil or whatever. I mean, from what I’ve heard, SPN’s a very gritty show–is it going to turn into a bland fluffy rainbow ponies(TM) world after it’s over? Or is Jesus going to come back?

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