Episode Review – The Real Ghostbusters

Let’s face it, when SPN does meta humor (see the first time) it does it really, REALLY well.  I only have 2 real complaints about this episode.

  1. They didn’t repeat the altered intro from “The Monster at the End of this Book.”
  2. It really should have been the series finale.

As I pointed out before, it’s pretty clear that the true, ultimate reward for Dean would be to finally be recognized as a hero to… well pretty much this entire episode.

Still, I can’t fault this episode for anything else.  Heck, I can’t even pick a best line.  It’s a toss up between…

  • (the two of them together) “I need a drink”
  • “No, not really.  We have guns and we’ll find you.” -Sam to Chuck.
  • Or the bonus clip at the end of Chuck saying: “It’s not really jumping the shark if you never come back down.”

It was nice to see Chuck end up with the girl this time and the scene where she “breaks up” with Sam nearly killed me with laughter.  I also loved the repeated shot glass camera shot they used for parallels.  Great show over all, but the brief mention of the Colt at the end isn’t enough of a punch to push the episode to the max.

Oh, and I loved that cartoon as a kid so congrats on one of the best titles EVER.  It’s almost like the show creators are reading this blog… (Sera Gamble I love you!)

(just take out a few lines and we still have the perfect episode for the show to go out on)


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