Episode Review – Changing Channels

Once upon a time I would have described joy as a Booster Gold movie with Nathan Fillon as Booster and Bruce Campbell as Rip Hunter with Billy West returning to voice Skeets.

Now, I will describe it as this episode.

In every way I called the antichrist episode a failure, this one succeeds.  It’s funny on so many levels, shifts tone exactly right does the impossible with a beautiful marriage of MotW and Mythology… glorious, it’s just glorious.

(note: since 5 & 1 are both the highest and lowest possible scores, there is no modifier for them)


The revelation of the Trickster as Gabriel really tightens up the mythology of the show.  Now we know why he’s been so much harder to kill than the other demigods whose power appeared to rely upon worshipers.  Some of his tricks make more sense now too.  As I pointed out to a friend, in the Trickster’s first appearance, you’ll notice that every “fatal” prank was optional.  If the target had done the right thing (not cheat on his wife, not been so greedy, etc), they would have been spared.  The only person who had no choice (the Frat boy) wasn’t killed, just humiliated.  A reasonable sense of justice (even if a little twisted) and not too unworkable with some biblical interpretations (though that is a deeper discussion for another time).

It does raise more questions about the antichrist though.  Is this kid more powerful?  Or is he more powerful than angels but not archangels.  Apparently he and Gabriel can both shape reality so who could win in a fight?  I’m jettisoning that episode as discontinuity unless we get a 2nd episode reinforcing it.

I especially like that now Sam & Dean are discussing options (and we’re seeing it) for this war.  I’m hoping we get one scene where they at least talk about that Dean could give in and go kill Satan now, in his current vessel, to save Sam.  That’s the only way Dean would give in IMHO.

Slashers got a bit more fuel with Sam becoming Dean’s car (and considering how Dean feels about the car…).  Anna/Dean fans (like me) can think too much about those parallels Gabby mentioned and wonder if Anna was using Dean to fulfill some longing she had for Micheal she never got to act on.

And of course, the Trickster pointing out that the brothers almost perfectly mirror Michael/Lucifer not only matches what I’ve said before, but encourages my theory (and hope) that John Winchester will appear as God. (the best solution to the show)

Then there’s all the meta jokes, Jensen & Jared acting like other actors… I could go on about this episode all night…


The sound you’ll hear next week will be the geeks’ heads exploding as SPN goes so meta, none of them can bear it.

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