Episode Review – The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

On the one hand… this episode was better than the last one (antichrist and all) in keeping a consistent tone and hitting all the marks correctly.

On the other… it’s just so – blah. This one definitely is the worst mismatch for the season. I kept hoping Kripke & Co would pull out their traditional “weaving”, like in Yellow Fever which was largely a MotW episode, yet had nuggets of the major mythos scattered. I kept hoping that at any moment we’d get some hint about the larger story (like… Satan intervening to keep Sam from trading his years away). True, watching Sam get the upper hand was awesome but only Bobby’s wheelchair really makes this a season 5 episode. Take it out, transplant it into another season and you can’t tell any difference.

It also seemed like the show was trying for a “pro-age” message but it got horribly muddled. Which makes two episodes know about “growing old” that definitely show as being written by young people. As studies have pointed out, even though (on paper) the elderly might not have as much to be happy about, as a group they are generally happier than the young.

That’s what bugged me most about tonight. It’s almost an exact repeat of Criss Angel is a Douchebag. (trading life for life, near eternal spell caster betrayed by a close acquaintance, theme of age, no Castiel…)  True the warlock in question was fairly interesting and he didn’t have to be killed but… there just wasn’t enough of him for us to care.  Ok episode over all but I just can’t give it that high of a score.


Nowhere to go from here but up, right?

Next week is the trickster?  Heck yeah!!!


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