Episode Review – The End

Well it’s official. I have to start grading season 4 on a curve.

Supernatural is genius.

There I said it and I’ll say it again. If I had to teach a class on fiction, I think I’d use the show as an example of doing a lot of things “right”. Take for instance the bit of political humor in this episode. It works for Democrats in the implication that president Palin would be the end of the world. It works for Republicans in the implication that when zombies arise, people are still going to turn to R’s to keep them safe. It’s subtly done and can appeal to both sides of the political spectrum without insulting either. It’s great.

If the show has to end, at least they are making it go out on top. The call back to the croatoan virus and revealing that it is the “end game” (wiping out all humans) is great. The biggest question raised in this episode is if Castiel becomes mortal when the angels “cut off” earth, why doesn’t Lucifer? At the rate this season is going, I have high hopes that everything will be revealed.

It is a rather sad state in our culture nowadays that Satan is frequently depicted as a protagonist or sympathetic figure, if not more often than God Himself. I can’t praise Kripke & Co enough that, while making Satan NOT evil for evil’s sake, still made him a right ‘ole bastard. Like Dean said, Lucifer’s every evil thing with a much larger ego – I doubt many Christians will disagree with that. Kudos to Jared’s portrayal and making us almost want to see him get shot with the colt.

The crew was also brilliant in their depiction of Lucifer’s reasoning. On the most basic level, if you want to pitch too much of a theological fit over it, the explanation can be hand-waved with the observation that Lucifer is the father of lies. But even if you want to believe what he says, it can still work with most judeo-christian views. The bible says that angels are “ministering spirits” after all. “But that doesn’t say they are commanded to worship humans!” you might say. “Ah ha!” I counter. “But to a prideful being like Satan, serving such a lowly creature like us would come across as worship and insult.”

I know I said before that I really hope the show doesn’t show us God but I thought of one possible exception: John Winchester. Think about it: the father of Sam & Dean representing THE Father of Micheal (dean) and Lucifer (sam).

Well that and they keep His lines to a minimum. Something like… “Well done boys.”


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