Episode Review – Free To Be You And Me

Poor Sam.  Without Dean he’s now been fast tracked into the drama lane, meanwhile Dean gets the best lines.  Like…

“When we [humans] really really want something, we lie.”
“Why?” -Castiel
“Because.  That’s how you become president.”


It is looking like I was right in the end.  Sam is supposed to become Satan and with Dean as the Micheal Sword, the show is on course to becoming the brothers’ war I feared.  Still, the show has never really disappointed me (like some – Voyager – have) so here’s hoping Kripke & Co keep the surprises coming.

The parallelism in the show continues as Castiel’s search for his father gives us the closing mirror to the boys’ search for their father from season 1.  I wonder what Cas will find – or won’t.  I admit, this part concerns me most of all.  I don’t expect every show on television to be 700 club, but is it too much to ask that my favorites don’t outright insult my beliefs?  Supernatural was almost too much to ask for as here was a show that not only didn’t insult me, but even showed a modicum of respect for my faith.  Yet here, at the end run of a great, great show are they going to pull out a punchline for the worst betrayal of all?

Still, for the episode as a whole, pretty cool, the revelation of Sam as the “proper” vessel, etc this was an awesome episode.  But it again doesn’t have the punch needed to push it to 5 shells.  I may need to start grading this season on a curve.  I’m going to mark tonight at a 4 and if next week is another stellar presentation, we’ll adjust all scores for the season.


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