Asking Rowling

If I could ask Rowling only one question, I think I’d ask how her hometown is now that she’s rich & famous.

I grew up in a smallish town and when you’re walking around, seeing people you’ve grown up with, friends, family, etc one of the first questions asked (of both sides) is “What are you doing now?”

I wonder how it’d be to become a rich and famous author, then have all these people you’ve known so long already know the answer to what you are doing.  What does your old piano teacher say to you when she’s just read about how your latest release had lines around the bookstores?  Maybe that’s why celebrities are so often depressed: there’s nothing left to talk about.

Like everyone I daydream about what it’d be like to be rich and famous but part of me wonders what that would do to my hometown and the relationships I have with everyone there.  Maybe Tolkien had the right idea: die then become famous.


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