Episode Review – Good God, Ya’ll

I can’t believe we’ve gone this long through the show without ever hearing Spirit in the Sky playing.

Man this is a hard episode to grade.  There wasn’t anything majorly earth-shattering (pun intended this season?) but it was filled with great, little touches.  I almost couldn’t believe they made Dean’s amulet a plot point!  The fact that they’re giving weight to something as trivial as that gives me greater hope that we’ll get more details on Ruby’s knife, the Colt, and so many other wonderful toys.

Looks like they are not going to follow my advice and shy away from God (well so far)… on the other hand, Castiel is going to look for God.  And it seems they are going to follow through on a season long war fight, but on the other hand, season 4 had its first 3 episodes be seal related with the 4th being a MotW reflection episode.  I’m torn again on this issue.  SPN’s MotW episodes aren’t bad and part of me loves seeing their different takes on legendary creatures.  On the other, taking an episode or two away from Lucifer undercuts the drama and tension of this season.  This is a time I wish we had gotten a full season 3, that way we could have gotten our fill of MotW.

Lots of subtle touches throughout, a devastating ending (Sam walking off)… I want to give it a 5 but it just doesn’t strike me as nearly powerful enough to do so.

This is fast shaping up to be a great season.


One thought on “Episode Review – Good God, Ya’ll

  1. The way they bastardised the amulet is the only thing about this show that still gets some emotion from me. Oddly enough, season 4-5 seem so much worse simply because of how long they’ve perpetuated this angel nonsense. Sigh.

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