All about me!

I meant to post this earlier and totally forgot. So for those curious (or really really bored), here is my character sheet for the SPN RPG game.  Of course, all of this is 100% true*.

Nate Winchester
AGI d4
STR d4
VIT d6
ALE d10
INT d10
WIL d8

Life points: 14
Initiative d10+d4
Endurance d6+d8
Resistance d6+d6

Covert d4
Discipline d6 / Concentration d12
Drive d6
Knowledge d6
Lore d6
Medicine d6 / First Aid d12
Science d6
Survival d4
Tech d6

Born Behind the Wheel (ambulance) d4
Cool Under Fire d6
In Plain Sight d6
Signature Possession (re-purposed ambulance) d10
Allergy (dust) d2
Lightweight d8
Smartass d4
Duty (injured) d12

A southern boy, Nate went into medicine when he grew up.  Although every one thought he would be a doctor, he enjoyed the field too much and trained to be a paramedic.  One night his ambulance picked up a man sporting injuries Nate had never seen before.  He eventually learned that the man was a hunter and helped him put an end to a terrorizing ghost.  Inspired by these events, Nate abandoned his life, selling most of his possessions and trading his car for a used ambulance.  His medical training is both a blessing – as it takes a lot to rattle him – and a curse – as his instinct to aid the sick/injured force him to let a target go.  Just starting out on the hunting life, Nate prefers to help other hunters, even though his smart mouth makes working with him a challenge.

Nate drives a modified ambulance.  In the back is an old gurney held together with duct tape.  On one side in the back are the best medical supplies Nate can get his hands on.  On the other is a collection of books, weapons and other hunter tools that he has brought along from his old life (a hobbyist of myths and urban legends, Nate had a decent collection of books to begin with) though still not enough for an ideally prepared hunter.  He might be willing to patch some people up in exchange for a few goods…



*No it’s not.


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