Episode Review – Sympathy for the Devil

Quote of the episode?  Hands down winner:

“I have a GED and a give ‘em hell attitude.”




The sign of a great SPN episode is one that grabs ahold of you and doesn’t let go until you’re screaming at the TV because the end credits rolled way too soon.  This episode was really great, packed full of twists, turns, drama and action.  The writers clearly love “the prophet chuck” way too much and using him as a commentary on their fans.  It was great seeing Meg reappear, a sign that they really intend for this to be the last season and wrap up every loose end.  Since Kripke & Co love symmetry, I’m wondering if this season will reprise a bit of season 1 with the hunt for the colt and it as a possible solution.  From some promo for the season I thought Sam would be “gifted” as the vessel for Lucifer but so far not.  I am glad the rift between the brothers hasn’t been insta-healed and they’ll actually be going through some character growth.

If I had any complaint (and it’s what’s keeping this from a full 5 shells), it was Bobby.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s awesome and I had a heart attack when it was revealed he was possessed.  Still, his stabbing with ruby’s knife (which I’m hoping we’ll learn about the rest of it) and revival at the hospital really hurts the Winchesters overall.  I mean, did they do this for anyone else they stabbed?  Quite a few were cut where Bobby was, were any of them sent to the hospital and healed?

But in the end, this was a great episode.  The “looney toon” devil cameo was brilliant and Lucifer’s tempting of his vessel sent chills down my spine.  The survival of Castiel and the boys hints that maybe God has returned to put His house in order but part of me hopes that we never really get to see Him but are only given hints (like that great, great episode Houses of the Holy).  Whenever a work introduces God (and I mean GOD-god) it inevitably spirals into preaching (pun intended).  It also makes the work divisive as now you (the author/creator of it) are saying that this is the way things are, 100%, to argue against it is to argue against God Himself, which of course is going to offend anyone who disagrees with you (as now you’ve elevated disagreement as a sin).

Still, the Man Himself hasn’t appeared yet and this episode still remains awesome.  All together now: “Let’s kill some evil sonsabitches and raise a little hell.”


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