Supernatural Premiere Live Blogging (season 5)

(note: start at the bottom and read up)

Yay!  Ellen and Rufus should be returning next week.  Still, that’s the episode end?  Damn you!  Damn you all! (pun intended)

The brothers’ bond may be permanently broken.  I’m guessing the focus of this season will be healing that.

“I have a GED and a give ’em hell attitude.” -leading competitor for best line of the episode.

Bobby’s alive… awww heck, he’s too great to complain about.

You know, even if the show doesn’t always get some of the finer, technical aspects of theology right – I do love the way they get some of the most important themes.  Like people being corrupted and fall into evil little by little through compromises.

So Satan has to be invited in like other angels.  Looks like his demons (ex-humans) have another advantage over him.  I do like how the writing staff is making this actually tempting and “seductive” as Satan would probably really be.  So much of fiction has really sucky temptation scenes (yes I’m looking at you Star Wars).

“Yeah Satan… remind me not to drink before bed.” -Poor guy.  Loving his turn on this though.

Yay Misha!  Finally getting the chance to kick ass.  Dude rocks!

“Life as an angel condom” – I love how Sam squirms in the back there.  Also glad that they did do more with that.

Dean’s the Micheal Sword?    Eh, kind of hoping they do more with that.  Although with John as his father… there’s a lot of naughty jokes there for fans to make. (not that I will… yet)

What, every time they open John’s storage there’s bodies in there.  Damn thing’s got to be cursed worse than all the pharaohs in Egypt put together.

In some ways I hope Bobby doesn’t survive in the hospital just because it cheapens the deaths of all the previous victims that were stabbed by the knife.

Blood on the knife and out of the crib.  Sorry if you were just sobering up.

Bobby’s dead?  Nooooooo!  Still, if he had to die…

Ouch!  Meg with the crotch kick.  That’s cold.

Meg is back!

Noooo!  No possess Bobby!  Damn you Kripke & co.

John Winchester’s lockup has the Sword of Michael?  Told you he was a total badass.

I am now totally hoping we get to see Sam Winchester addressing the world in an international broadcast apologizing to everyone.  “My bad all.  Totally my fault.”

Ok it’s official.  This fangirl is TOTALLY based on sephira.  No matter how much she’ll try to deny it, you know she’s dreamed about doing that to Jared.

Fan fic writer!  I wonder how much research the writers put into this.  A call out to Galaxyquest there.

I thought that fellow looked familiar.  He was Jacob from the last episode (so far) of Lost.  A bit ironic that he plays a god-figure on that show only to turn around and play satan on this one. (assuming the “chosen” comment means he will be Satan’s vessel – part of me is wondering if they’ll turn around and make it Sam)

Guy’s bed is full of blood.  Those playing at home should be pretty drunk by now.

Gotta love Jensen and the way he says “Just gotta find… the Devil” with full “Oh shit”ness.

Several instance of “blood” in the first ten minutes.  Perhaps we have a new drinking game this season?

Apocalypse Now… this is already starting as the most punny episode ever.

There’s “Misha Collins” under ‘starring’ with Jared & Jensen.  Grats Misha!  (poor Jim Beaver still is a guest star)

“Sympathy for the Devil” is the title.

Hmmm…. seems the title this season is using blood as the previous one used birds.  I guess we’re going to get more of Sam feeding or something.

“What the hell” Dean?  Bad pun!

Looney Toons?  Gotta love Kripke & Co.

Another recap of season 4 with a kick ass song (not Carry on Wayward Son but still awesome) and we pick up right where 4 ended.


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