Cure for Hiatus – #11 Supernatural magazine

The cover of this issue is a pretty good hint of things to come.  White/Silver with the boys dressed nicely.  Nothing stand-outish, standard all around.

Regulars – No top 5 again this issue, I guess it’s been dropped from the magazine for good.  A nugget in the letter section deals with the legend of the creature of boggy creek.  Which makes MST3k fans laugh immediately.  Of course the Myths & Legends segment goes over Sirens – who showed up in the episode which I gave my lowest grade ever to.  But I won’t hold it against the magazine.  Usually when the magazine’s regulars are “standard” I can still remember them.  This issue is forgettable so… I’m going to have to give it a 2.


A walk on the dark side – Jared & Jensen – The regular boys feature isn’t bad this time.  8 pages with more pranks, fart jokes, golf and talk about what will happen to Sam… All pretty good.  It helps the magazine when it can get caught up with what’s happened on the show and stay ahead of what’s coming down the pike.  Still, it’s confirmed that Misha Collins is becoming a regular cast member for the last season (a first I think) so will they start including him in these features?  One can hope.  Let’s give this a 4.

Stay Razor! – Ghostfacers – Now this rocks.  8 pages of an interview with A.J. Buckley and Travis Wester in character (though they do get an interview with their real selves in a side nugget) and it is a lot of fun.  If you’ve watched the show, you can almost hear them in your head as you read this.  It even functions as a large advertisement for the ghostfacers website.  This is some good meta shit right here.  5 out of 5!

Hot Properties – A 5 page discussion on all the gadgets of the show.  If I had any complaint about it, it’s that they didn’t go into enough details.  For instance, they talk about how there’s a sawed-off shotgun that’s “real” and working and another with a rubber stock on it for hitting the actors in the face with.  They even talk a little about creating the colt.  Would that they had talked more about other famous props from the show so I’m lowering the score to 4.

A Kind of Magic – Barry Bostwick – A fairly standard interview with one of the aging magicians from Criss Angel is a Douchebag.  I did find one factoid in there interesting in those 6 pages: they didn’t use a young actor with old makeup for the part of Charlie, but an older actor and his son, which was a neat bit of movie “magic”.  Barry comes off as a decent chap though I think the interview would be much more interesting if they had gotten all 3 of the magicians from that episode in there talking.  After the stellar ghostfacers segment, this comes off as a bit of a disappointment.  Gotta give it a 2.

What’s in a Name? – An interesting 8 pages of testing your fandom.  Can’t say there’s anything new here although the tally of where the brothers’ aliases come from is fun.  Nothing exceptional but it is handy if you want to play SPN trivia with your friends.  A fun 3.

High School Confidential – Like the main feature with the brothers, this is another article on the brothers Sam and Dean, as played by two younger actors for flashbacks in After School Special.  I think every fan can admit that both Colin Ford and Brock Kelly did a great job and after reading these 5 pages, you almost wish they had a prequel series about the Winchesters to show off in.  The layout was also unique and well done.  A 4 all in all.

A standard issue all in all. Nothing exceptional for the casual fans and even the hardcore fans can forgo this issue unless they really need their fix.


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