Cure for Hiatus – the Supernatural Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons, & Ghouls

Welcome to Supernatural week here on the blog.  The last Supernatural premiere ever (pardon me, had something in my eye) will be hitting the airwaves this Thursday so I will be counting down to it all this week ending with a live blogging of the premiere itself.

First up is a review of a book that came out awhile ago but I wasn’t able to review because of finances at the time.  It’s not badly written as Alex Irvine manages to capture the style of the Winchesters fairly well.  There are some sections which are written with a script style that can be challenging for those with weak vision.  Hardcore fans will be able to pinpoint when this book was written without looking at the copyright as it makes reference to psychic kids discovered as well as an extended section on hunting down Azazel.  Some parts have been rendered out of date as there is a section on ghouls which prescribes fire.  Those who watched “Jump the Shark” know you have to blow the head off.

These little idiosyncrasies make the book bitter sweet and prove the adage that when you have a mythology rich show like SPN, it’s best to wait till it’s finished (or further along than a year and a half) to do a book on its lore.

All in all I give this book

It’s not a bad read but save your money. Hardcore completists (both of us) might pick it up but really you should wait for a 2nd edition that will (hopefully) include Lucifer. It does make a good companion for the SPN RPG (review later this week) so those wanting to run some games might look at this book as a supplement – until the monster manual releases.


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