Cure for Hiatus – #10 Supernatural Magazine

Well the next issue comes out tomorrow so I better get off my lazy ass and review this 100 page special monstrosity.

*looks inside*

There’s an interview in there with Julie McNiven?  Final Score 6/5!  Buy immediately.

Oh alright, I’ll give it a proper review.

Regulars – Fairly standard but no top 5 this issue.  Myths & Legends reviews Samhain and the episode flashback looks at the classic Mystery Spot.  Not much to go on here, looks like even the magazine is frozen for the summer.  Standard 3.


Jared & Jensen: the Thrill of the Fight – The 8 page JJ feature is entertaining this time, what with them going into details about some of the pranks and gags they do on set.  It also reveals that the boys are roommates apparently which I’m sure will set new and disturbing fires around the slash fic corners of the internet.  Still, not bad overall, I give it a 4.

Uncle Bobby – Jim Beaver – You know how awesome Bobby is in the show?  After this 7 page interview with the actor playing him, you’ll realize he’s that awesome in real life.  Jim comes off as a real good guy, the consummate working actor who’s more interested in doing his job (entertaining) than the shenanigans of many actors that Furious D rails against.  Jim, you’ve gained a new fan who gives you a score of 5.

Fall from Grace – Julie McNiven – 6 pages of pictures of the lovely Julie?  Best magazine ever!  Oh wait, there’s words in between the pics.  It’s a fairly entertaining and funny unbiased speaking.  She comes off as really likable and I laughed at her and Genevieve comparing love scene notes.  Could my love for her grow any more?  Sorry babe, the score stops at 5.

Young Love -A 7 page article on the two actors playing a young John & Mary Winchester.  Pretty good and flows well but nothing exceptional.  A solid 4.

Fights! Cameras! Action! -A discussion with the stunt coordinator that stretches over 8 pages.  If you’re interested in how fights and stunts are done on the show, this is a great article.  Ladies can see a headshot of Jared’s stunt double.  There are also some neat behind-the-scene tidbits over how the best action sequences are done.  A hard fought 5.

Appetite for Destruction – Robert Wisdom – An interview with “Uriel” that has some of the creepiest pics and atmosphere of the magazine ever over 6 pages.  I’ve noticed a marked improvement on the interviews in this magazine of late and this one is no exception.  It’s both standard and well done at the same time.  A 4 on the scale.

Hell Breaks Loose – Mark Rolston – More or less see above.  6 pages talking with the first actor to portray Alastair.  Good, but not exceptional.  Another 4 for this issue.

The Gory Details -The closing image of season 3: Dean hanging by wires in Hell almost seems to saturate this book as it appears in both the stunt article and this one on makeup effects.  There’s some great information contained within those 6 pages but some of the images might make those of weak stomaches a little ill.  There are some images we don’t need closeups of so I’ve got to give it a 3.

Second Sight – Traci Dinwiddie – Hot psychic babe drops by to give her thoughts on the show.  I liked it when she admitted that she was created to be the fans’ representative (or at least, the female fans) in the show.  If you have any doubts about that, she even points out that her character would be far more interested in Daddy Winchester than the boys (again, 99.99% of female SPN fans).  Her 6 page interview is as entertaining as Pamela was netting this feature a 5.

Dressed to Kill – This does make me laugh as you can image the gore and/or stunt articles being written for guys with this one being written for the gals.  Yes this does include lots of pictures spread over 7 pages.  You’d think this would get an automatic minus two on the score from me but… darn it, I still find myself fascinated by this feature.  Congrats on winning me over Diane Widas (costume designer), I’ll have to give you a 5 for your efforts.

Heaven.  Hell.  And What’s in the Middle. – In case you missed half of season four, here’s a character sheet primer on the show (yes even the boys).  I do laugh as, after admitting that I misspelled Alastair, I see under this feature his character sheet listing: “also known as: Alastor”.  So it turns out I was only partially wrong.  The 7 page feature may be a long “you were right nate” to me, but it was still kind of… pointless.  Not bad but I’m going to give it a 3.

So far the 100 page specials are proving to be excellent, solid issues. I hope you’ve picked up your copy before issue 11 comes out tomorrow…


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