All Your Base – Quick Review

If there’s anything I’m going to hold against Privateer Press, it’s that they didn’t release the strategy guide with this set (in fact, I’ve long said they should release the guides a week or two before the figures).  The rules insert is pretty good, but there are some phrasings that are a little off.  I got 1 monster boost and 1 unit boost.  The unit boost was crap, giving me all 3 guard units, 1 planet eater and the SSS building.

6 factions.  I focus on playing 3 of them.  I get 3 faction specific pieces in my booster.  None of them the 3 I play.

Sometimes you feel like the universe itself is laughing at you.

At least my monster booster was fruitful, netting me the martian fig.


Anyway, for this review, I’m just going to focus on a few key points (and since I’m suffering from insomnia right now, expect lots of typos and grammatical errors).

1) Morpher rules – What do you need to know?  They treat movement like units, otherwise treat them like monsters.  They can secure buildings (too nice) and collision with them is size based (if they collide with a big monster, the morph takes 1 damage, big one doesn’t but if 2 morphs collide with each other, both take 1).

2) A glance at my 3 favorite factions in order of what I enjoy playing the least to the most. (thanks to trackerjay for posting a complete spoilers list)

Lords of C’thul
If you read my previous predictions… yeah I was right.  Though reach turned out even better than I thought, giving figures with it the ability to brawl targets 2 spaces away.  Which is awesome!  The units are not bad.  Cthulabite is the toughest flying unit around (def 4) with an interesting mix of abilities.  Tanglix is slow without any special movement abilities but if you manage to get 1 or 2 deep behind enemy lines, you could have fun.

Their structure is sick.  3 abilities: summon, manufacture, transmutation (the blast edition of manufacture) with blast and brawl attacks.  Not limited.  One thing I love about these structures is that, until now, you always wanted to go 2nd in a game.  Now Lords of C’thul have a reason to want to go first, so they can summon units deep on the opponents side to gum up their works (yep, this does make Tanglix fun to drop in a spawn point).  Even better, when he starts spawning units, you can use the 1 you summoned to combine attack with the building to generate even more units.  This is going to really alter games.

Martian Marauders
Not having gotten any of the walkers in packs, I’ve been a fan of running the 2 flying MM monsters.  The basic 4 are not bad though Satelite support on G-Alpha has got to be a misprint (the way it’s worded now, this ability on it is USELESS).  What you may also notice is that while nearly every morpher syncs well with surrounding it with it’s brothers, the martian basic 4 do well leading squads of units.  Putting G-alpha, beta & gamma all around 1 hunter gives that guy Radar, cloak and power drain (blast).  His plus version isn’t too bad, with both a brawl and blast powers (in the tradition of Deimos).  However, his mega version has also been spoiled and it’s just so much better.  I don’t know how much solo work I’ll do with this guy, but he looks like a good supporter for combo monster games.

The units are average.   Despoilers don’t have the boost die I hoped they would and nullifyer pods focus on “screw with enemy” stats.  But they have to be in the middle of the enemy to do so.  They have cargo and hover but only a movement of 2.  Both fairly disappointing.  The biggest points about the building is that it’s impassible to enemy units and it’s another radiation hazard maker.  Which means you can now stock 10/12 of your buildings with hazards that can’t hurt you and blockade sections of the board.  Granting ground control to adjacent units are nice if you can get any of these near objectives, otherwise I see them being spread out more to mess with your opponent’s board than securing for yourself.

1 thing is going to jump out at you when you examine the Terra’s basic 4: all the trucks have jump.  Jump!  How do trucks jump?  Are Mexicans driving these things? (to quote Larry the Cable Guy: “Lord I apologize for that joke…”)  Still, they are decent enough, but when the beast hatches from his egg…  Not only is Tyrannex one of the coolest Terra monsters (in fact, all of the design on this set was stellar) but his abilities are all designed around city destruction and power dice generation.  Maybe not the most powerful strategy, but flattening the entire board is just fun.

Two of the new units are a regular and elite version of a VW microbus with a lazer canon on top.  What?  You want to know the stats to play with it?  The sole dino in this set is incredible (he hurts monsters if they collide with him) and will put Pteradax into top tier of tournaments.  The installation is of neat design, but nothing exceptional as far as abilities go.  It does leave behind fire when destroyed, giving Terrasaurs a way to deal out the damage (and if you keep bellowers on the map, you can remove the fire to avoid retailiation).  Nothing that will revolutionize Rakadon like I [chmop] New York did with Sky Sentinal.


All in all… I’m pleased with the set and the sheer fun it’s added to the game.  The strategy guide is supposed to come out week of the 13th so I’ll ramble more about the set then.


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