Supernatural RPG (humor edition)

So the Supernatural RPG may or may not exist (I think we’ll call it the shrodenger RPG).  Amazon says it’s not coming out till the end of the year.  Borders says you can buy it next week.  Or you can just download it right now.

At any rate, while I eagerly await for its release (so that you can then see NW’s true stats), I started thinking… what if the show was done like Star Wars & Lord of the Rings – it’s all a roleplaying campaign?

Well I won’t be doing a webcomic of the show (just yet, maybe if enough people ask…) but still, I can already see the lines…

“What’s your character name again?”
“Jo!  I’m a hot blonde.”
“Ok, making a reflex saving roll.”
“You’re a girl.  You have to make a saving roll every hour against random death.”
“Screw that, I’m rolling a guy.”
“Ok, what’s his name?”

“You have what feat?”
” ‘Pure bad-ass’.  All opposing creatures must make a will save in John’s presence or kill themselves out of pure awe.”
“…Yeah that’s going to have to go.”

“You come around the corner and in the middle of the junkyard, you see a car.”
“A car?  What color is it?”
“…it’s black, Dean.”
“Black?  Gotta be evil.  I attack it with a tire iron.”

” ‘I hope your apple pie is freakin’ worth it!’ ”
“The the townspeople ignore you.”
“I struggle against the bindings again.”
“Improved taunt.   Gives me a +1 strength modifier after I say something witty.”

“I totally want to do her!”
“Alright Sam, fine.  You screw the hot girl, only to wake up after the passionate loving to discover that she’s a werewolf.”
“Cool!  I shoot her with a silver bullet.”
“She dies.  You get half the XP for the encounter because you slept with her.”
“Dude that’s so unfair!  Can’t you cut me a break?  My girlfriend just died.”
“Because you shot her!”
Dean: “Dude, too soon.”


4 thoughts on “Supernatural RPG (humor edition)

  1. I don’t even do the gaming thing and this made me lol.

    So like, do you choose a character, or create your own? I have no idea how these things work.

    • Like many games, this one will apparently give you a choice. You can create your own uber-hunter if you want, or play a “pre-made” Dean, Sam, John, etc.

      Your imagination is the limit.

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