All your base – predictions and review

(no I haven’t forgotten Supernatural, I’ve gotten the latest magazine and the guidebook to monsters etc and will be reviewing them over the next couple of weeks on Thursdays)
(info found and gleamed from here)

The Despoiler [grunt edition]

5 speed
3 defense
1 brawl
[] +2 long-range blast
Climb, Sniper

The source website forgot to put in how much the blast stat is for but I’m willing to bet that it’s a 1.  That +2 boost makes this unit comparble to Hunters (any more and they become much better than hunters).  As “I chomp NY” gave us the Reaper – a mini version of Deimos-9 – “all your base” will apparently give us the mini version of Phobos-7.  In the first set, “Rise” Martians had only 2 units that could hold objectives and they both had a defense of 2.  Now they’re going to have at least 4 (probably 5 as a “negative pod” has been hinted at) and two of those will have the highest defenses of the whole faction.  These guys will probably replace reapers as they can fire on anyone approaching your power base.  The larger question is: will they replace Hunters?  Though they lack flight and 1 point of speed, Despoilers probably will, especially on maps where they can “building hop” around impassible/rough terrain.  After being on the low scale of units, looks like martians are going to have their due.


Ultra Ancient Osheroth

6 speed
7 defense
7 +4 brawl
6 +1 unknown blast
8 +3 power attack
6 health
3 hyper cost
Telekinesis [global], Radial Attack, Annihilate, Sacrifice

The ‘combo’ monster for C’thul (I’ll review his individual parts tomorrow) is a fearsome beast indeed. In fact, he looks to make Ulgoth obsolete. True he isn’t immune to throw or volatile but who cares? He can eat any C’thul unit for health and gives everyone telekinesis across the board. The only thing that would have been better is if he had the tow ability so he could pull units in right before hitting with radial attack. His stats are higher than Ulgoth’s across the board (save for brawl & power but he gets more boost dice!) which makes this guy seem like pure escalation. (unless the rules on his alpha-split form gimp him just enough) Now I feel silly for having traded for Ulgoth the other day. All hail Osheroth!


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