Monster Anaylsis – Tharsis-5

(because I’m in a gaming mood, that’s why)

Tharsis stands out as the martian monster with the most raw offensive power.  He doesn’t have quite the defensive or scramble abilities of his peers, instead relying on finishing the game quickly.

Best units
In mid to late game, the defensive stat on a monster becomes worthless against the opposing monster as by that point the power dice are flowing freely.  Where it is important is against the opposing units.  Currently in Monsterpocalypse there are many tournament viable armies which focus less on powerful monster attacks and more on consistent damage.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the units or monster attacking, you are getting hurt (Sky Sentinel is the current reigning king of this style).  Thus, Tharsis’ support should generally look at keeping your opponent’s units down so the monsters fight one on one.  Vanguards, with their short range, are usually a poor choice for him.  Tharsis can usually get power dice easily and their short range keeps them from reliably locking down the board.  Instead, concentrate on marauders and hunters for your forces (hunters love the universal energy cycle).  2 saucers to pop anything too tough for even your hunters.  Hold objectives with power pods or reapers (the toughest martian unit).

I like to include a building with the “attraction” ability on it so my units can give me a guaranteed power dice on turn 1.  You want to get some power dice and shift into your plus form as quick as possible.  From there move in close and begin wailing on the enemy (rampaging through his power structure is nice).  Both plus forms have ways of dealing 3+ damage a turn.  Stick close and batter around the opponent, you need to make sure you get ahead of the damage game.  It won’t be long until your plus form is destroyed and you’ll be back on your basic.  By this point the game has probably reached the moment where it’s a fast war of attrition, hence why you wanted to save the basic form for late game.  (I’ve played several matches with him, flexing doesn’t work well.)  If you don’t have control of your opponent’s units by now, the game will probably be his.

Faction Matchups
G.U.A.R.D. – Poor.  Laser Knight is the bane of your existence and Nova is annoying with her constantly trying to dance away from you. (Another reason you want to save the basic form for last: it has the higher movement unless you’re using the Mega edition.)  Repair vehicles are even worse which is why you need to keep the units tied up with yours.  Try to bash the opposing monster away from his spawn points and even park your units over them (your opponent will have to eat up A-dice to move them).  You’ll need a lot of luck here.

Terrasaurs – Fair.  The game will probably be quicker than most and you’ll be lucky to have any of the city left standing.  There are no great or sucky matchups here (though ultra Armodax vs basic Tharsis is a lesson in frustration).  The games can also come down to who destroyed the other’s healing buildings first.

Lords of Cthul – Good.  They have poor health and little in the way of defensive ability.  One good attack can finish a monster form outright.  However, they also have the most diverse methods of healing so you must make sure you keep the damage high.

Plaent Eaters – Fair to poor.  They don’t have much with damage mitigation but they do have deep health and some of the most damaging abilities.  Several games have been decided by whomever gets in the first solid blow.  Luck of the die will determine how you do.

Martian Meance – Excellent.  The other martian monsters specialize in defensive and disruptive abilities.  Abilities that Tharsis gets around quite well.  The Mega edition of his plus form will have a bit of trouble against the mothership, but the ultra  should steamroll over all of them.  Of course if it’s a mirror match, whoever hits first will usually carry the day.

Shadow Sun Syndicate – Good.  The SSS have excellent mobility and defense but Tharsis should have enough power dice to flatten them.  The biggest worry is someone like Zor-Voltis shooting then dancing out of the way while Tharsis tries to chase him down.  Keep a cool head and focus on getting that one attack in that will take out a form.  If you get a chance, toss nearly every dice you can at them.


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