Episode Review – Lucifer Rising

The episode itself was, as usual for Supernatural season finales, most excellent. However, I grade the finales a bit on a curve with the high standard set by previous. So why doesn’t this episode warrant 5 shells? As great as it was, it didn’t have a “whoa” moment. Dean shooting Azazel. Dean getting ripped apart by invisible dogs. The Impala getting hit by a truck. Everything was great in this episode but I can’t think of any moment that really burns itself into your brain.

Kudos to Kripke & Co for giving us an ending that could be the last show of the series if need be. In truth, I have no idea how the show will proceed from here or what is left to be done as every mystery and question seems answered. We can see some hint of how things might be from the TV show Angel when it had a similar story arc (the hero failed to stop a apocalyptic being from entering our world). Will Lucifer be like Jasmine and, in fact, brainwash the world to peace with the brothers trying to stop him? Can we finally get the Colt back?

Excellent acting from everyone involved and it was great to see Bobby break Dean out of his “emo” phase into the “action-oriented” Dean we all know and love.

Not much else to say about this show as it was fairly straightforward. More to come in my season analysis.


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