Supernatural Finale Live Blogging

Yay! the season recap montage has Carry on Wayward Son for the music.

Poor priest.  I kind of wish holy workers had some special protection.  I do like the priest’s compare/contrast monologue.

Yellow Eyes???  Is it Azazel or someone else?

2 slow focuses in a row… interesting motif tonight and nice touch contrasting the two.

(lot of guest stars too)

Yay Bobby!  Enough mopy, solve it like men!

Did this just turn into 2001?

Go Sam!  I’m glad they didn’t leave that baby-eater around for long.

Angel “green room”.  That makes me laugh.

Misha Colli has great talent.  I love that subtle turn of his.  Still disappointed that Zacheriah is as much a bastard as the other angels.  I was hoping he’d be different.

“Sam tortures a fangirl by not touching her.”

Ooooo…. that was a cold move on the demon’s part.

What is this lost?  Why we having flashbacks?

Ok, confirmed that this is Azazel but his “endgame” is to release Lucifer?  Raises some questions from earlier in the season.

That’s the Dean we all know and love.

Yep, I was right, a brother’s war.

Way to splurge on decorating guys.  The paintings, mirrors, I love the look of Dean’s scenes and how it contrasts with Sam’s dark scenes.

Evocative of Superman with Dean hitting Castiel there.  And not a bad speech from Dean.  I’m glad they kept it short.

Oh that was COLD changing Sam’s voice mail.

C’mon Sam!  You’re going to break the seal over a taunt???

Props to Genieve for this scene.

Yay for the brothers working together to kill Ruby!


This is just as bad as season 1, I can’t wait a summer!

(full review tomorrow)


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