Monsters attack – Tournament report 4/3/09

Ordinary single play day.  Thanks to some boosters and singles my local shop is selling, I was able to get a little more robust terrasaurs force and thought I’d keep playing with my favorite Godzilla knockoffs.

The Army:
Rakadon because I haven’t done much with him and wanted something a little different.  I think his true strength lies in unit synergy so decided to flesh my force out with raptix & pteradactix.  Unfortunately I didn’t have as many as I wanted so I filled out with some Carnidons and a few Bellowers with 1 cloaky spikodon & 1 brontix.

The Plan:
Although I’ve lost to it a few times, I do highly respect and enjoy the “attrition” style of the Skywing army (instead of big, showy moves, they hit you for a damage each turn, whether its monster or unit).  So with army-wide beserk on all of his forms, Rakadon seemed like the terrasaur equivalent pumping raptix and pteradactix to unholy levels.

Game 1:
Freddy brought abroad Mologth, probably the single worst match up I could hope for and he got to pick the map.  I tried to go ahead with my plan but kept running out of dice spawning and moving my units again and again.  With his meat slaves’ bleed ability and my munch/apartment buildings the game was slow going.  We timed out and he had me on damage at the end of it all.

Game 2:
I got the bye (odd number today).  Rakadon still lost.

Game 3:
I faced a Sky Sentinel army.  So from the worst possible match up to the best.  I even got to pick the map and went with kill-again island with their mess of teleporters to aid my slow ground units.  Unfortunately that was all the luck I had as the rolls turned against me with a vengence.  Several times I got Sky Sentinel surrounded only to have 2 raptix (with a combined attack total of 2 a-dice, 6 b-dice and flank!) miss the big lug.  Pteradactix were no better.  I managed to destroy one of his forms before he finished me off completely.

Final Analysis:
Julie showed up with Rakadon and his mega form (which is, IMHO a much superior version to the ultra) and had a record equal to mine.  I think this proves that unit brawling is the redheaded stepchild of the game.  Volitile alone hoses this strategy that doesn’t really need to be hosed.  Sky Sentinel works so well because his main cohorts have high movement and ranged attack, allowing them to hit the target in 1-2 turns and there’s almost nothing one can do to prevent it.  Meanwhile Rakadon’s lackeys have to spend an extra turn just getting next to the target and a player who sees it coming can stop it cold with a surrounding force.

In some ways I’m reminded of the LOTR mintatures game.  In it the makers gimped ranged attacks (compared to melee) but still had to add ranged limitations with each FAQ.  Ranged combat in Monsterpocalypse has not a single limitation to it and has no counter that gimps it like volitile.  Will Rakadon get a “jet” in the next set that turns him into grade-A tournament material like G.U.A.R.D. did?  I don’t think any unit could do that (without being game breaking).


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