Episode Review – When the Levee Breaks

Poor, poor Sam fangirls.  I’d offer some apologies but really, you should have seen something like this coming since season 2.

Not much to talk about from a technical standpoint.  I’m still disappointed at how little the show is using Julie McNiven but Jared really pulled out the acting chops for his detox scenes.  I did like how the actress playing Ruby seemed to have added more layers to her role this time.  And the yellow-eyed young Sam was FREAKY.

Well the show shot down one of my pet theories quite solidly.  Apparently Lucifer is the only fallen angel.  All other demons are humans that have been twisted, turned and corrupted.  The first human he corrupted, the one that got him expelled and sent to hell in the first place, was Lilith.  I wonder then what was Azazel’s rank in the scheme.  Apparently, Lilith is the one that has to break the last seal (the only one remaining) but we’re not sure what that seal is (if Ruby’s telling the truth).  Which means we’re back once again to what was Azazel’s plan for Sam.  He can’t really be involved in breaking the seals because otherwise why has Lilith really tried to kill him?  However, Lilith didn’t start seal breaking until after her Sam-killing attempt so maybe she realized then that she could use Sam to break the last and that’s what started it.  It would fit with the show’s frequent symetry to have the eldest brother breaking the first seal and the youngest to break the last.  But then if the seals are broken, what’s to be done for a 5th season?  Lucifer probably won’t walk at the end of this year but then, I was kind of sure Dean would get out of his deal at the last second.  The show does keep you guessing.

Dean’s swearing to serve Heaven was mostly unexpected.  In fact I’ve been wondering what’s taken him so long.  I’m sure we can look forward to several instances of him questioning where his orders are coming from.

Kripke & co all but confirmed my thesis that the show was leading to a brothers’ war with the two of them finally trading punches while NOT under anyone’s control (does the demon blood count?  talk amongst yourselves).  But why then did Castiel let Sam out?  I have a theory:

The angels do not know what Azazel’s endgame plan was for Sam (though giving him demon blood and ‘transforming’ him is obviously part of it).
The only want to prevent that plan for sure, is to eliminate Sam.
Of course, the angel’s probably have outstanding orders preventing them from killing him if he hasn’t done anything yet (backed up by frequent parts of the bible, earlier episodes, etc) so the solution?
Let Sam out in the hopes that he will force Dean to kill him (as Dean threatened to do) and thus stop Azazel’s endgame whatever it might be.

There’s probably also some motivation in encouraging a showdown with Lilith.

This is the next to last episode of the season and the end of every season is almost always mind-blowing.  The set up is as intense as always so all signs point to strapping yourself in next week.  Because the season finale is going to blow us out of our chairs.


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