Episode Review – The Rapture

(New format.  After the Episode rating, discussion will following with spoilers.  You have been warned.)

A heavy mythology episode that told a lot about Castiel – excuse me, Jimmy Novac but didn’t have the “whoa” punch that I require of a 5 shell episode.  Yes, even my dream girl Julie McNiven returned for this one but was barely on screen.  I wish the show would do more with her than just “plot device”.

The episode opening with Dean dreaming about fishing was a nice touch.  We haven’t seen much of Dean’s likes and hobbies beyond “mechanic” and my only complaint is that we didn’t see his fishing inkling sooner.

It was nice we also got to see more of the “good guy” side of angels instead of the usual “dick” side.  “We keep our promises.” is one of my favorite lines from this year.  The big question is, of course, what did Castiel want to tell Dean?  And whoever “reformed” Castiel in heaven, was it God or was it the renegade angels we’re worrying about?

Quite a good episode, but mostly laying the foundation for what’s to come.  I’d also like to give Misha Collins major props for proving he has a fairly good acting range.  I’ll have to add him to my list of actors to watch for projects from.


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