Monsters Attack – Tournament report 4/26/09

At the end of the month, the Louisville group I play with like to run double monster matches.  I was thinking about doing a dual Martian Menance force but a last minute trade gave me a terrasaur pair.  Since I’m a big Godzilla/Dragon/Dinosaur fan, I decided to run with these.

The Army:
Armodax and Pteradax were my leading monsters with a ragtag group of units and buildings consisting of whatever I had on hand.

The Plan:
Simple- use Armodax to super stomp some buildings for quick power dice and then get Pteradax shifted into hyper form ASAP.  Then use Rodan Pteradax’s abilities to power attack-hit & run followed up by brawl – hit & run.

The Games:
Did not go well.  I lost every game by time, most often by damage.  Everyone charged after Armodax, leaving the frontline fighter to chase them around the board.  When I could get the combo started, my dice rolls would then fizzle bad so no follow through, no hit & run, etc.

Final Thoughts:
I think a combo with these two is possible but needs lot of practice and finesse.  After Armodax gets the power dice flowing, he should hunker down behind his partner and some units and force the opponent to fight Pteradax.  The big bird’s dual attack set up should allow him to take out one monster all together or split the damage between the two depending on the opponent’s play style.  Between him and the units, there are a paralyzing choice of actions so practice with choices is required.


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