Cure for Hiatus – #9 Supernatural Magazine

Another 2 weeks till the next episode?  What are we supposed to do until then?

Oh right. Thanks guys!

Seriously, check out that cover. That has got to be the most kick ass cover I’ve seen! How’s the inside?

Regulars – Nothing exceptional. The top 5 are monster kills but they don’t give a single good pic (unless you’re a Sam fan). Myths & Legends were about demons and I’m surprised they didn’t stretch it to over 2 pages like they did with angels. Robert Singer interview wasn’t too bad. The poster is the cover split on two different sides. Rest is decent. Not bad nor exceptional. The memorial to Kim Manners was very sad. A standard 3.


Jared & Jensen: Knockn’ on Heaven’s Door – Standard JJ stuff. The most interesting part over the 8 pages is the talk about how they shoot drama. (like how did Jared make it through “Mystery Spot”) Again, a serviceable 3.

Heavenly Creature: Misha Collins – Now this is the good stuff. Maybe because Castiel is so awesome. Maybe the magazine’s been reading this blog and taking it to heart. For whatever reason, this was one of their best interviews. Interesting questions… fascinating insights into the actor… after this I’ll definitely be rooting for Misha in the future. Maybe he and Jensen can star in my dream JLA movie. 7 awesome pages that are worth a solid 5.

From Hell: Genevieve Cortese – Not too bad but kind of bland. I did learn I’ve been misspelling Alastair all this time (sorry, I was using an alternate spelling from another fiction property). I think a lot of these 6 pages were hampered by her inability to talk about what’s down the road. A respectable 4.

If Looks Could Kill… – A talk with the production design team. With accompanying pictures. Spread over 8 pages. Totally awesome = 5.

Hero Worship – A 6 page account of a Supernatural convention. Pretty neat but I’m more of one that likes genre conventions a bit more than specific ones. Still, I might try and hit the first event after the show is ended. I would love to see how “The Monster at the End of this Book” plays at one. I’ll give it a 4 but if you’re really into one of these, add a rank.

So how did issue 9 stack up?

Casual fans with some money to burn could do worse than picking this up. Hardcore fans should definitely buy it.

One more week till new episodes!


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