Episode Review – The Monster at the End of this Book

Humor.  Appeals to the side of me that writes.  Comic book shout outs and enough meta jokes to implode the world.  Kurt Fuller back.  And we get a sign that my theory on the previous post is right.  Major lore revelations.  Castiel kicking ass in interesting ways…

Half a salt shell

It wasn’t quite as EPIC as some of the other 5 shell shows but man was this one good. Though mileage will definitely vary on this as the less hardcore fans will probably miss some jokes. But at least the writers made as many jokes at their own expense as the fans.

Good thing this episode was so good since next week looks to be a “lost brother” show.  Bets favor the episode sucking but maybe Kripke and Co will surprise us…




Episode Link




“The fans complain a lot.”
Each book title matches an episode title.
The Winchesters discovering slash fans. *shudder*
“M. Night duechbag”
The author apologizing for bad writing…

Just too much to enjoy.

At first I almost complained that they didn’t inquire if the prophet was one of Azazel’s “kids” but then I realized that 1) they should all be gone save Sam now, and 2) as the writer, he should be more than aware toward whether he’s one of them or not.

Don’t know how I feel about the “gospel of Winchester” but then, if they really do stop the apocolypse (and whatever Azazel’s end game is) I’d say they earned the right to be a Bible supplement.  Some might wonder if the Winchester’s antics should really be in the Bible and to them I say, “Have you read the Old Testament lately?  Much more sex & violence.”  Apparently my guess last week (that maybe the happy ending will be them getting the recognition they deserve) gets a strong foreshadowing.

Speaking of foreshadowing, I wondered how far they might go with it.  Lilith making it past the season is highly unlikely so… Sam for big bad of season 5?  Speaking of Lilith: can I just say ew?  I wonder if Sam was going to try and kill her or just scrap her enough to get some of that sweet demon blood.  Heh, Sam the Demon Vampire (in that, he’s a vampire that drinks demons).

As for the prophet himself?  Pretty likable.  I did like how they backed up “you can’t go against prophecy” on the other hand… most prophecies in the Bible had an underlying “if… then” clause (prime example: Jonah) and served as warnings.  Really sucks that this guy doesn’t get to warn anybody much.

Remember what I said about the show imitating movies?  This one would have been a redo of “Stranger than Fiction”.  Can’t decide which is better though, because I found StF enjoyable.  And… well the concept of discovering your characters as a writer… hard to understand if you’re not one. (bonus discussion question: was Jesus the ultimate Gary Stu?  If you had a way to make your characters as real as you are, would you?)

Huge props to the writers for poking fun at themselves.  “I’m sorry I put you through bad writing.”

And Castiel is just awesome.  I wish we’d get to see Anna be a bit more than a cheerleader but… well maybe we will.  How long till Dean is leading his own contingent of angels?


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