Episode Review – It’s a Terrible Life

Allow me a moment to explain my rating system for episodes. Every episode starts out with 3 salt shells. Missteps, general crapiness subtracts from the score. Mind blowing scenes, general awesomeness adds to it. I can’t give my quote of the night without spoiling one of the better twists the show has had in a long time but otherwise this was pretty by the numbers. Still, it was a show we needed at this point with the creators putting the words of the audience into a new character. One played by a high-ranking “that guy”: Kurt Fuller. Here’s hoping we’ll get to see more of him in the future.

If I had any complaint, the wrap up for the episode is too quick. They show could have used an extra ten or fifteen minutes.




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You know why I love Supernatural? Because they manage to do better in one hour what a lot of movies fail to do in two. Nic Cage’s the Wickerman was horrible. Season 1’s “Scarecrow” was infinitely better. The Happening was an abomination. It’s a Terrible Life was better in every way. (including having a more believable reason for why people go suicidally crazy)

I’m hoping we get to see a lot more of Zachariah. Here’s hoping that’s not the end of the “rebel angels” and we get to see a little of the multi-side war before it’s concluded. I must also give props to the writers as Zachariah’s speech to Dean could have come from any message board or fan blog *cough*. On the one hand, I’m glad Dean has had some character growth and he didn’t just “get over” his psychological trauma as easily as the Winchesters get over physical trauma. On the other, it was getting a bit repetitive so kudos for concluding it just short of the jumping (the shark) point. Let Dean be Dean from now on.

Winks and shout outs were peppered throughout this episode for hardcore fans. Dean had a family of papa “Bob”, mother “Ellen” and sister “Jo”. If you don’t get it, go watch season 2. I was confused about Sam being engaged to “Madison” though. Why not Jessica? She’s as alive as Madison and I’d think she would have more of a memory than a one-night stand werewolf. (though is that reason? Jessica would make Sam’s memories push through the angel voodoo?) Or why not Sarah? Seems like a less dead, more normal fiance would have been preferred for the illusion.

Yay for the return of the Ghostfacers! Kripke mentioned that he’d want to do an internet series with them and here we get to see a glimpse at what such a series would be like. I laughed at their “Winchesters still suck ass” and other brother bashing quips while the brothers watched in ignorance.

As for the names, “Dean Smith” and “Sam Wesson”… I don’t know what they may be a reference to, I’ll have to check some of my sources.

One of my favorite lines was Dean to Sam: “I’m doing a public service: You over share.”

And as someone that works in “customer assistance” right now as a job. The episode warmed my cold cold heart. You have my sympathies Sam. Would that I could use a bat to quit and go hunt demons.

Final Thought: With the Ghostfacers on the internet and making mention of the Winchesters, could the show have a happy ending where the Winchesters receive the fame and adulation they deserve?


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