Episode Review – On the Head of a Pin

Wow, what an episode.  I thought it was done about halfway through, imagine my shock when I checked the clock to see we still had 30 more minutes of supernatural goodness to go.  Yes, my crush Julie McNiven is back for this one (she wasn’t given a lot to do but seemed to promise that there would be more) and we got to see Castiel shine (in some ways literally).  Also, the writers show us what’s worse than Sam screwing a demon…

I’ll post my detailed analysis later. There was a lot put in this episode and I need time to process it.




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Major character growths and revelations all around here.  Castiel got the biggest dose: learning to think for himself and kicking some ass.  I kept waiting for him to heal Dean at the end now that he’s questioning all orders but no such luck.  With the revelation of Uriel falling for Lucifer’s propaganda, we’re now up to four different factions fighting it out.  Lilith’s side wanting to free Lucifer.  The angels that want to free him (but want to destroy Lilith’s troops).  Azazel’s endgame (of which, only Ruby is right now a member of).  Finally the Winchesters and angels who want to stop the Apocalypse.

How much longer till Dean’s on suicide watch?  Hell was bad enough but now he knows he started this whole seal ordeal!  After just a few decades while John was under there for nearly a century. (at least we finally got some confirmation for my timing question)  At the rate John’s badassness keeps growing after his death, we’re going to find him as an arcangel by next season.  Dean really does need a pick-me-up right now, so how long till Castiel brings John to give his son an encouraging word? (in season 3’s Red Sky at Morning, you can hear Castiel’s name being invoked to summon the ghost so it’s not beyond the angel’s ability)  We also learn why Dean came back when he did.  It just took that long for the angels to get into hell and get him out.

There’s also the question of if Anna’s been doing the work of God all along.  Probably unintentionally but I love the idea that she’s been operating under top secret classified orders from the beginning (it’d be less convoluted than the plot God built up through the Old Testament).

As for Sam?  Ewwwww…  Remember when Ava and Jake talked about how their powers grew?  I wonder if this was how.  After winning a round they got a dose.  At least we finally learn what’s the reason Ruby’s been encouraging him.  I couldn’t see much advantage to just banishment, but with the power of destruction, Sam has leverage over demons.  I know some have said the new Ruby isn’t as good as Katie Cassidy was but this one at least is more believably suspicious.  In season 3, it was like Ruby wanted them to be suspicious of her – a double agent broadcasting that she’s a double agent (compare her to Meg’s first appearance).  With season 4 she’s been acting more like someone ‘undercover’.  Now I’m just waiting for them to reveal that she’s really Meg.

So anyway, Sam can kill demons with his mind now, I wonder if part of Azazel’s endgame is Sam growing to the point he can kill angels next.  This episode did blow a hole in my ‘fallen angels v ex-humans’ demon theory with the reveal that “the only thing that can kill another angel, is an angel” and Alastor’s statements, “I wish I knew how to kill you” and “If Lilith knew how to kill angels…”  I was kind of hoping it was Lilith’s side finally getting their hands on the colt but no such luck. (when does the colt return???)  That’s another downside for Lucifer’s release.  Being 1 confirmed ex-angel, he’ll be able to kill Castiel & co.  Of course, maybe Alastor, Azazel and the others of my “ex-angel” theory just forgot how to kill them after so many years in hell.  (or maybe when they drop the ‘angel’ class for ‘demon’ class they lose the avada kedavra ability)

All bets are off if Lilith lives to the end of the season, especially with next week looking to be a MotW episode (unless we get demons monkeying around with time).  How many more episodes till the brothers’ war begins…


One thought on “Episode Review – On the Head of a Pin

  1. Well, at least it was better than last week’s episode, I guess.

    I am starting to find Castiel strangely appealing. I was relieved he didn’t die (although I’m curious as to how all the other angels keep dying, seeing as apparently demons can’t kill them)

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