Episode Review – Sex and Violence

Dean quote of the week: “We’re on a case actually involving strippers.  Finally!”

I don’t want to give this episode a bad review since it may be Kim Manner’s last but…

Half a salt shell

Dang it, this has to be the worst one of the season. The editing was too erratic at the beginning, they screwed up on some canon and some of the sicker fans really didn’t need more fuel for their bro-yay. Yeah it was nice to see Bobby and one of his tricks but… that and the strippers put together only give this one half a shell. 😦




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Spoiler Discussion

Really not much.  I was wrong about my prediction of “succubi”, the monster was actually a Siren.  Still, I can’t believe Dean and Sam didn’t at least discuss the possibility of it being Succubi.  No, I’m not counting the comic here, they were mentioned as expressly existing in Sin City, season 3.  Filling us in just a bit more on their lore (not spilling the beans but contrasting more the difference between the them and tonight’s monster).

Midway I started wondering if it was the doctor… then when Dean started hitting it off with the other FBI agent I suspected him but was hoping they wouldn’t… except they did.  Was it creative?  Well… sort of.  Normally the “turn the men against each other over a girl” is cliche but we’ve yet to see the two of them go after the same girl.  Instead the brothers keep fighting against themselves over and over and over.  In this show, that’s the cliche, having them fight each other over a girl (instead of “the perfect brother”) would be fresh for the show.

And even the “mythology” they wanted to reveal in this episode is… well not new, we’ve pretty much been seeing it this entire season (and the boys kind of have too).  Although, did we get a glimpse of Sam demonstrating super strength?  Are his powers growing?

If this turns out to be the foreshadowing of brother vs brother in a heaven vs hell war… that makes me even sadder.

Maybe next week Anna will return.


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