Fan Script – Ninja style 2

Last time on Dr McNinja

Doc: Our patient is suffering from… cancer!  And I’m going to beat it out of her.

Doc: Gordito… while I’m meditating, I’ll be vulnerable.  You have to guard the office.

Inside the body- Cancer: Who are you?  Doc: I’m Dr McNinja, and I’m here to kick your ass…

And now… the conclusion.

Scene: Gordito being bored in the office lobby.

Suddenly!  4 older men in white lab coats enter.

Gordito: Stop!  Who are you?

Old Man #1: We are the AMA’s hitmen.  Take us to Dr McNinja.

Gordito: He’s uh… unavailable.

Old Man #2: <whispering> I told you we shouldn’t have mentioned the hitmen part

Old Man #1: Don’t stand between us kid.  4 out of 5 doctors agree, McNinja is getting his license revoked.

Gordito: Who’s the 5th?

Scene: Dr McNinja concentrating over the body of the patient.

Scene: Inside the body.  Cancer: Fool!  You doctors always think so laterally.  Even now, while I delay you, my followers spread.

Doc: That maybe true… if I was only a doctor.

Cancer: What?

Split scene: cancers in different places in the body, each being hacked to death by Dr McNinja.

Doc: I’m also a ninja.

Cancer: Oh… I should have seen that coming.

Scene: Lobby.  Gordito with guns drawn: The doctor can’t see you right now.

Doctor #1: Oh he will.

Bullets fly.

All 4 doctors remain standing.

Gordito: ?

Dcotor 3: Fool, you dare try to stop masters of health with guns?

Doctor 4: <with a cane> Prepare for new lessons in pain.

Doctor 2 hits Gordito.  Gordito: Ouch!  I didn’t know my spleen could feel pain.

Doctor 1: Oh yes… we are each masters of particular medicinal field.

Gordito smiles.

Scene: inside the body.

Cancer: <forms a sword from protoplasm> Have at you!


Gordito loads his gun and shoots Doctor 2.

Doctor 2: Ouch!  My spleen!

Doctor 4: How?

Gordito: When you said you were masters of medicine, I realized you must be invulnerable except for the one part of the body you specialize in.

Doctor 3: No, we mean, how could you hit the man’s spleen in one shot?

Gordito: Oh that.  My father was the legendary flying shooting Juan!

<Guns click> Gordito: Hey docs!  Take two of these!

Scene: Cancer lies beaten with Dr McNinja standing victorious.

Cancer: You may have defeated me here… but we are legion.

Doc: I know.  That’s why I’m going to go to Mars… and defeat you once and for all.


Wrap up and final thoughts done by Chris as usual.


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