Fan Script – Ninja style

In Dr McNinja book 2 (one of the most awesomest things ever!) there was a bonus story written by Benito Cereno.  In a shameless attempt to legitimize my fan fic write bonus content for the Doc, here’s a rough draft of a story I call… well I don’t have a title yet.

Scene: A lady is standing somewhere, doing something.  She falls down.


Scene: Close up of DrM speaking.

Dr McNinja: Alright, patient comes in, sick with some disease.  We need to figure out what’s ailing her!  Ideas… go!

Panel with Doc’s finger pointing at Gordito with him saying: Ummm… I haven’t studied any medicine.
-Dr McNinja: This is no time for your excuses Gordito.

Panel of Judy signing.  Caption: Her symptoms seem simliar to pancreatic cancer.

Close up of DrM: Judy I- wait.

Panel of Dr McNinja digging behind his desk.

Large shot of Dr McNinja holding “Sign Language for Dummies” saying: You think it’s squirrels?  Judy that doesn’t make any sense.

Panel of Yoshi: Grrrl* <caption> I could eat her, get rid of disease.

Panel with Dr McNinja standing before a white board on an esle.  It has “disease ideas” written at the top.  DrM: Could be Lupus…  We need an MRI.

Panel with Gordito: We don’t… have one of those.

Panel of Judy: Ugh* <caption> I’ll run some tests.

Dr McNinja: go help Judy.
-Gordito: What’s she going to do?
-Dr McNinja: I don’t know, but go help her.

Panel: Yoshi looks at Doc.

Repeat Panel.  Doc: No eating patients.

Panel: Time Passes.

Panel: Judy hands Dr McNinja a clipboard.

Dr McNinja looking at clipboard: She has… pancreatic cancer!

Panel Dr McNinja looking at another sheet on the clipboard: And liver cancer!

Repeat panel with +1 page: And lung cancer!

One more page: And halitosis!

Gordito: So we need to give her some chemotherapy or radiation?

Dr McNinja: There’s no time Gordito.  We can’t make it to Mars and back for the cure either (rush hour is horrible this time of day).  There’s only one solution.

Gordito: That is…

Dr McNinja: I must kill the cancer myself.

Gordito: How?

Doc: By an ancient Ninja technique whereby I’ll fuse my energy with hers.

Gor: Cool!  I thought Ninjas knew only how to kill.  I didn’t know they also had healing techniques.

Doc: Well… actually this technique is how ninjas would kill an enemy’s mind without damaging the body in order to make zombies for various purposes.

Panel: Gordito has a frightened expression.

Doc: I’m sure I can use it to cure her.

Scene: Dr McNinja is standing over the lady from before, placing his hands on either side of her head.  He concentrates.  Then he glows.

Scene: Inside the body.  One cancer cell is talking to other cancer cells: The bourgeois oppression is falling!  Come!  It is time for the proletariate to rise up!


Dr McNinja materializes in sight of the speaker.

Cancer: Who are you?

Doc: I am a doctor.  And your reign ends here cancer.

Cancer: Odd, I expected chemotherapy or radiation…

Doc: I prefer the hands on approach…

Will the doctor beat cancer?
Will the patient live?
Will Judy ever get to eat a hot dog?

Tune in next time!

(Eh, it’s a rough draft.)


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