How 1 More Day could have been…

(A post from my old blog… I’m still mad at this)

If you’re reading this blog, you know who Spider-man is.

Some of you might even know that Spider-man has a comic.

A comic which, as many have been pointing out, seems to have drifted into a series of EventsTM rather than a series of plots. The latest “event” that has occurred is titled “One More Day.”

What went wrong?
Long Answer? Just read this.

Short Answer? Peter Parker gives up his marriage to a smoking hot redhead model of a wife to save the life of his 80+ year old aunt.

The Reduex
This is such a no brainer I can’t believe nobody thought of it during writing and making this comic storyline. Heck, Angel had done it once already in the episode “I Will Remember You.” And Supernatural has done it twice (Season 2 both times: “In My Time of Dying” and All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2). You don’t have Aunt May be the one dying, you have MARY JANE be the one dying and Parker makes a deal to save her. (and maybe even get a clause where she’s protected against danger for a period of time) I mean… maybe the comic writers were trying to avoid a cliche but 1) if it isn’t broke don’t fix it and 2) I think we can all see now that avoiding the cliche just leads to something a lot worse. Or they could have at least changed the cliche to something even more important like saving the world, undoing Civil War (the comic EventTM not the history event), and… well I’m sure any random person on the street could come up with a better idea.

You have to admit, at least when DC does a big “reset” of their universe, it’s a lot more epic and fun.


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