Spider-man 3

What went wrong…
Now don’t misunderstand me, I really liked spidey3. If I had any complaint about it, the movie was too full. That’s not a bad thing, I’d rather watch a movie try to do too much than one that tries to build a hour viewing around a too weak premise (see: almost any MST3K). But still, the movie could have been trimmed and streamlined more. So many plots within could have carried an entire film by themselves.

The Reduex…
Though I love, LOVE Bryce Dallas Howard (if you’re reading this, call me), it just didn’t seem the right time to introduce Gwen Stacy and her father and all the story-lines that carry with them. Instead, I would have had Eddie dating a blonde bombshell by the name of… Felicia Hardy.

The movie would actually start with spidey swinging through town at night when he stumbles upon the sexiest cat burglar he’s ever seen (yep, it’s the black cat). The two of them have their traditional scuffle and innuendo banter before she gets away, though she does not escape our hero’s imagination.

Then we go to doc Connor’s class where Peter Parker is working with his science partner: Felicia Hardy, who seems to be on the verge of dozing off. He helps cover for her this time before class dismisses and she runs off as fast as possible (she is so not into the geek). Dr Connors calls Pete to his desk and commends him for all his hard work lately. In fact, Parker has shown such an improvement, that Dr Connors is willing to give him the research assistant job he lost back in movie 1. Peter agrees and follows Connors to the lab where there’s a very special project going on. Remember John Jameson from movie 2? Turns out he’s brought back something very unusual from his little outer space trip. A black goo that Connors is trying to figure if it’s alive or just highly reactive. Peter agrees to help, then realizes he’s almost late and hurries off to catch Mary Jane’s play.

Insert MJ’s play.

Night time, Peter is relaxing, doing a bit of homework when he gets a frantic call from Dr Connors. Something’s wrong at the lab…. Spider-man swings to the lab as fast as possible and enters the darkened room to find it a wreck. (the scene should play out like a horror movie) Suddenly he is attacked by… THE LIZARD! The two of them all but destroy the laboratory in their fight, including the container of black goo which “attaches” to spidey without his knowledge as the lizard escapes. Peter finds what looks like Connors notes on video and takes the tape home where he (and the audience) watches it and learns what’s happened.

That night the goo takes him over and for a joy ride. Possible montage of him using the suit and enjoying the rush of power.

Here have a section deepening PP and MJ’s relationship as well as the competition between Eddie and Parker. In fact, Eddie happens to catch a compromising photo of Spidey and Black Cat. This puts strain on Peter’s and MJ’s relationship (got to keep the scene with Bruce Campbell, he rules). Eventually, Peter ruins Brock and he finally catches up to the Lizard. The two of them fight again, but this time the black suit helps spidey win. In fact, he comes very close to beating Dr Connors to death, even after he’s transformed, leading spidey to race him to the hospital…

From here we’ll probably wrap up the movie not unlike how it went. Peter feeling guilty over almost killing Connors sheds the goo in the church (scene at the beginning Connors stated that it seemed to react to sound and fire). Venom is created. He pulls Connors from the hospital by retriggering him to become the lizard. Spider-man is forced to fight them, starting to lose when black cat shows up to help him. Good guys save the day (and Connors). Venom doesn’t die (because we may need him in a future flick) and Parker decides to stay with Mary Jane.

Of course there would still be some refinement there but that gives you a rough idea of the direction I’d take it.


2 thoughts on “Spider-man 3

  1. Interesting ideas. I especially like how you bring back JJ Jr. and Dr. Connors, since the first couple of movies practically advertise them for the 3rd movie. Obviously, there’s no room here for Sandman, but if you don’t introduce him, there’s no need to tie up his plot (which wasn’t fully tied up in the real movie anyhow).

    The one thing I see missing in your version is one of the elements that saved Spiderman 3, which is Harry Osbourne as New Goblin. James Franco did a wonderful job, and it would be a shame to see that go. And considering how the 2nd movie ended, I don’t see how you could NOT include his story to some degree.

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