Spider-man 3: Reduex of the Reduex

Ok, for those who missed it the following was a comment made by one “Miles Prower

“Interesting ideas. I especially like how you bring back JJ Jr. and Dr. Connors, since the first couple of movies practically advertise them for the 3rd movie. Obviously, there’s no room here for Sandman, but if you don’t introduce him, there’s no need to tie up his plot (which wasn’t fully tied up in the real movie anyhow).

The one thing I see missing in your version is one of the elements that saved Spiderman 3, which is Harry Osbourne as New Goblin. James Franco did a wonderful job, and it would be a shame to see that go. And considering how the 2nd movie ended, I don’t see how you could NOT include his story to some degree.”

Well, it all comes down to how many movies were planned and allotted for. When dealing with a superhero with a particular large and colorful cast of villains to choose from, you have to be sure to include the particular “A” list villains. Say… there was a three picture deal for Batman with no more planned in the immediate future. Can you imagine ANYONE doing any of those pictures without the Joker? Of course not!

Now spider-man is easier because he only has about four major A-list villains. Norman Osborne, Doc Ock, Hobgoblin (the original) and Venom.

So… Spider-man 3 rolls around. We’ve already had Norman Osborne and Dr Octopus. So who’s our choice for movie 3? Certainly not Harry Osborne (no offense James, he just was a B-lister). Hobgoblin’s story is too convoluted to deal with in 2 hours (or even 12). So we’re left with only one choice: VENOM! Now, if we have FOUR movies to work with…

Take my reduex and keep it the same, except this time Peter spends 90% of the movie in the black costume and the main plot is focused on Harry Osborne’s revenge plot. (keep in the lizard for extra flavor, and move Black Cat to the background to set up movie 4)

At the end of the movie, Brock transforms into Venom and we set up for Spidey 4 with Spider-man & Black Cat vs Venom and we’ll also have more room for more with sandman.

Otherwise, my thoughts on the reduex stand.

Also, be sure to check out How it Should Have Ended’s take on Spider-man 3.
Then Madgoblin (a main source for my spidey references), has his thoughts on the movie. (be sure to read both parts) And I too am very angry about the Sandman killing Ben. Can’t put it any better than madgobby did:
I think it was a poor choice to make. For one, it implies that Peter Parker can actually obtain closure with Uncle Ben’s death. We know better than that. As long as there is a Spider-Man, Peter will never make peace with that event. That is part of Spider-Man’s curse. No matter how much good he goes, no matter how many lives he saves, he can never purge his original sin that he failed to save one of the only people on the face of the earth he gave a rat’s ass about at the time. And not because he tried and failed – but because he never tried at all.


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