Episode Review – After School Special

The Dean quote of the week is: [as a gym teacher] “The whistle makes me their god.”

Man, 2 downer episodes in a row and neither connected to the mythology? Still, this episode was another “look back” into the Winchesters’ path. However, they did seem to bend their rules on spirits also.

Seemed to have another tribute to the X-files this week with the opener show “black goo” pouring from someone’s eyes. It also makes a good point about home schooling. That the “socialization” of high school isn’t enough of a benefit to overcome how sucky it really is.

Pretty clear that next week’s going to be a MotW with succubi. (especially if you’ve read the Rising Son comic) Who’s betting that a seal might play a part?




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Some trivia for the hardcore fans:

  • The boys went to Truman High for a  month in 1997.
  • The Impala’s license plate back then is BQN 9R3.  Not sure what state though.

Colin Ford returns as young Sam again but a new actor plays Dean.  I’ll leave it to those of the inclination whether this teen Dean is as attractive as adult Dean.

Dean as a gym teacher does make us wonder… what will be a happy ending for the Winchesters?  Sam might be able to return to school but what about Dean?  Might he end up as a school teacher?  Or would it be best for him to die as a hunter?

We do get a new rule on spirits.  Turns out the “black goo” is ectoplasm (sign of a strong spirit) and that spirit possession of people is very very rare.  But then they bend the rules by burning the remains of the bad ghost instead of adding any salt to it.

Also, Sam dispels the ghost by giving someone a faceful of salt and they use a “saltwater soaked” rope to tie up the ghost.  You know what also has a lot of salt?  The human body.  So… Maybe that’s why Dean has never been possessed = His high sodium diet!  Eat potato chips for the fate of your souls!!!!

We get the rather cliche “the bully’s life sucked” which hadn’t been done a lot in the show so it was ok.  I found the revelation about Dean’s character to be the most interesting.  After being caught in the closet with a new Ruby-look-alike he reveals that… really all he wants is to be recognized as a hero.  All their efforts… all their sacrifices… and all Dean really wants is to be loved like Superman.  Maybe that will be the happy ending for him.  Saving a large crowd (if not the world) and being saluted… as his litter brother heads off to law school.

Or to reach heaven and have his father and God go, “You did good, son.”


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