Episode Review – Criss Angel is a Douchebag

(note: the latest SN magazine came out today – after I finish my Final Crisis review tomorrow, I’ll get the magazine review up over the weekend)

I’m torn.

On the one hand, this was a pretty good episode.  On the other, it doesn’t feel quite up to the season 4 standard and played a lot like season 1’s faith.  Except this time we’re dealing with age instead of faith as a theme.

I’m going to give this an average score (though you might add one if you like crowning moments of heartwarming).  I will give the show props.  I figured out the mystery of this episode literally halfway through, then Kripke and Co made me think I was mistaken before the final reveal.  Well played guys.  And bonus points for a TakeThat against David Blaine.




Episode Link




Tonight’s episode takes place in Iowa during magic week.  Nice reveal that Sam had a “magic phase” growing up, a bit of retroactive foreshadowing of his later psychic powers.  The show does run with a running “douchebag” joke.  As far as myth arcs go, we get the following bits:

34 seals have been broken.
The boys are wondering about the future.  Will they have a bloody or sad ending?
Sam joins Ruby at the close, revealing that “I don’t want to be doing this when I’m old.”  Kudos to the writers for giving him a proper motivation toward his dark path.  Though now it looks like we will end with a brothers’ war.

With two MotW episodes in a role, it looks like this season will be taken up with stopping Lilith, next will be full devotion to Azazel’s endgame plan.


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