Episode Review – Family Remains

Darn you CW! I thought you were promising a mythology episode! Instead we just got a MotW. Which is fine, but don’t lie to me. Anyway, rating (which is being graded on a curve).

(To be fair, if you don’t have my biases, you might add a shell.)

I couldn’t help but notice just how good an actor Jensen is during the “flashback” prep of this episode. His recounting of what he went through in Hell tugs at my heartstrings even after seeing it once before.

Anyway, with all the other monsters they’ve touched on through the seasons, this episode was their “creepy J-Girl” and “slasher cliche” outing. Those with a strong stomach could have a great drinking game with every “seen it” moment in here. (City Folks moving to the farm? *drink*  Twist ending?  *drink*)

Bonus points to the episode for not only having a border collie (my favorite breed) but one named Buster! (the name of one of our cats).  Yay Buster!

Not much else to talk about without spoiling it.  However, the greatest lines in the episode were:

Sam: We could tell them the truth.
Dean: Really?
Sam: No not really

Dean: What kind of ghost messes with a man’s wheels?

And guys?  You REALLY need to invest in some of these.




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Editing was unique in this episode.  Over all pretty good but the scenes in the crawlspace got confusing.  The sequence through nightvision an interesting touch.  I’ve been curious for why directors continue with the “blue tint” style of darkness.  Well done Kim Manners!  Once again, I salute you.

What did I think of SN returning to the “man is the real monster” theme?  Different enough from the last time and enough time has passed that I thought it wasn’t too stale.  I was burned in thinking there would be one of the seals involved in this episode and kept trying to figure out who or what it would be.

Killing the dog?  Not cool…

Man… Dean talking more about what he’s gone through?  How much more are Kripke and co going to kick this poor man?  I’m starting to miss enjoy-the-job Dean from season 1.  Here’s hoping the guy gets a turn around and some character growth out of the angst woods by the end of this season.  When the show’s over?  Dean DESERVES Anna.  As an angel.  She’s the only girl worthy of him now.

I think this episode works great as a break from all the heavy war stuff.  The only problem is we’ve had a month long break.  The return should have been kicked off with another myth show and then this one.  Will next weeks (black magic) return to the theme?

May your hunts not involve humans (unless you’re a Marine aiming at terrorists)…


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