If I were in charge…

(wherein I state my case for being appointed the supreme ruler of earth)

  • Charles Malik Whitfield will star in his own spinoff show about Special Agent Henrickson becoming a hunter in the Supernatural universe titled New Hunter (or something, title subject to change).
  • Supernatural will end with an epic two hour movie on the big screen.  Bruce Campbell has a major role in it as “the First Hunter.”  Nathan Fillon plays his son.
  • The greatest show ever, Vengeance Unlimited will be on DVD, after having run for an awesome 3 seasons, crushing the Friends juggernaught in ’99.
  • Jensen Ackles will star as Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern movie that will be just as awesome and twice as successful as Iron Man.
  • Tom Welling will play Superman in a reboot movie that has the Man of Steel throw down with Doomsday in a spectacle that strains the limits of special effects so far a new golden age of technology is born.
  • The Supernatural CCG will be made using the ST2E engine and will run for a few sets before retiring with dignity.
  • A Justice League movie will be made with Tom Welling, Christian Bale and Jensen Ackles playing their roles along with Patrick Stewart as Martian Manhunter (or voicing him), and Milla Jovovich as Wonder Woman.  The remaining roster will be filled in by a comic fan poll. (Jim Carrey as Plastic Man?)
  • Marvel and DC will learn from the Sinestro Corp War and henceforth all crossovers will follow its pattern.  They will involve no more than three comic book lines and half a dozen one shots.  Company wide events will be limited by law to once every decade.
  • A 3d fighting game of Marvel vs DC will be released on all gaming platforms to contend with “Anime Fighter”, the 3d fighting game that involves ALL shonen animes (with a few unlockable shojo characters).  Super Smash Bros will expand to include fighters from ALL of videogame-dom and the Soul Calibur series will include anyone not in the above lists.
  • Julie McNiven will star in an epic movie made from my magnus opus book series (which will have filled the void left by Harry Potter).  After going on a few dates with me, we will be married in a quiet ceremony… sorry, got distracted there.
  • Dr McNinja will be made into a movie of such concentrated awesomeness that we make contact with alien life.
  • Firefly will be allowed its full series run OR Joss Whedon will have been in charge of Star Trek: Enterprise.
  • All wars will be outlawed with country disputes settled by Rock Band duels.  This system will be enforced by Chuck Norris.

2 thoughts on “If I were in charge…

  1. Just out of curiousity, why do you think they’re not bringing in David Ogden Stiers to play Martian Manhunter, considering he was the only redeeming quality of the League movie back in the ’90s? Besides, Patrick Stewart is getting old. Between his Star Trek fangirls, his Xmen fangirls, and the general pool of fangirls for British actors, he’s going to die from Attack of the Fangirls! How many risks are they willing to take with a poor man’s innocent life!?

  2. Please… everyone knows there’s no such thing as Star Trek fangirls. 😉

    Hmmm… I had forgotten about David Ogden Stiers and he wouldn’t be a bad 2nd choice. Especially since the martian will probably be heavy special effects, we just need a voice actor.

    Martian Manhunter has the advantages of being both a shapeshifter and lesser known character such that they could get away with a lot of flexibility in his design. As long as Mike Myers isn’t involved…

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