Cure for Hiatus – #6 Supernatural Magazine

You can see my review of the magazine basics here.

We’ve entered the lull in the season where the show’s on reruns until January 15th. Thus, it’s time to resume our hunt for a cure of the hiatus. In this case, it’s the magazine’s 6th issue, a 100 page monstrosity.

Regulars – Disappointing.  I liked the binding of this issue, but that means the “posters” in the middle of the book can’t be easily removed without tearing them or the magazine.  There’s actually repeated text between 2 articles, and ask Eric and Myths & Legends are slim.  The other regulars are standard fare, but nothing exceptional enough to bring the score up.  Well the top 5 was Femme Fatales.  I give it a 3.


Jared & Jensen: Dark Knights – The usual brother article, this one was better than usual.  A huge 8 pages, it offers enticing hints at season 4 (which we now know to be as awesome as promised) and talks about their reaction to the writer’s strike.  Let’s give them a 4.

Nicholas Elia: the Kid is Alright – A 4 page interview with “Dean’s son”.  Nicholas did a great job in The Kids are Alright and I was hoping at the end he was the real deal.  Excellent interview and entertaining.  The kid get’s a 5.

Sera Gamble: the Write Stuff – Ah… the lovely and wonderful Sera Gamble.  6 pages of looking behind the scenes and one of them is a picture of  the hotness herself.  Shame on you Sera for stealing my heart!  I cannot help but give you a 5.

Sandra McCoy: the Real McCoy – Jared’s ex-girlfriend talks about her role as the crossroads demon for 6 pages.  It’s… rather uncomfortable.  It seems that they had the interview scheduled before she and Jared broke up.  So the interview is walking on eggshells throughout.   A disappointing 2.

Mercedes McNab: New Blood – I was a big fan of the Buffy and Angel tv shows and enjoyed Mercedes’ role as Harmony (especially during Angel’s last season).  Not much to talk about with her brief role in Fresh Blood but they stretch it over 5 pages with lots of pictures of her.  Mediocre 3.

Ghostfacers: about ‘facers’ – Who doesn’t love these guys?  I don’t think they have the legs to support a whole series like Jared and Jensen but it a small web show would be just right (like Dr Horrible’s sing-along-blog).  In fact, the whole interview is done “in character” so it reads like a cannon bonus.  The magazine’s price is justified by this article alone.  Awesome 5.

Billy Drago: From Here to Eternity – I’d give this 6 page interview almost 5 stars except that… well Billy doesn’t seem to know cannon.  I’m not counting his ignorance of the Origins comic (that’s a little obscure), I’m talking about page 68: “There are certain things that haven’t been shown when [Sam and Dean] were children or before they were even born, involving Benton and [their] father.”  No Billy… the point of the whole show is that after the boys are born John is drawn into the Truth.  Epic fail knocks Doc Bensen down to a 3.

Charles Malik Whitfield: Free Agent – Agent Victor Henriksen!  There’s only two deaths I’ve loathed on the show: Victor’s and Meg’s.  CMW could have done a spinoff if you ask me (though a limited run one) and getting to see him a little, even for 6 pages is awesome.  5

Serge Ladouceur: Vision Quest – Ok, I’m not as interested in photography as I am editing but these examinations of the “other people” on the show continue to draw me in deeper than I expected.  A surprising 4-page 4.

Supernatural Quiz – Not Applicable.  I’m going to do a lone and separate entry on this. Null rank.

Not a bad grade for the magazine. I was hoping with the extra pages they would do a lot better this time but it seemed like the staff had to stretch some material further than it should. Still a worthwhile purchase for casual or hardcore fans while we wait for the new year.

Good Hunting…


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