the Hunter Handbook – the Basics

(hope everyone had a good weekend.  I wanted to give a 21 salt gun salute to my buddy James who’s loaned me his Batman Handbook for the week so I can get a better handle on the format and you’ll notice a few things updated on the older guide posts.  now then, in the spirit of the handbooks for various superheroes like Superman, Batman or Spider-man, I’m writing my own handbook for hunters in a shameless self promotion attempt to get a real one from Kripke)

How to start your career as a hunter.
Being a hunter (not the redneck, drinking in the woods kind but the “killing evil” kind) is not an easy path.  The hours are long, you’re always being attacked by either what you’re hunting or who you’re trying to help, and you can never settle down or have a normal family.  However, if you are dedicated (and a little suicidal) you can make the world a better place one life at a time.

Step 1) Learn the Truth*
Most people are unable and unwilling to acknowledge that the nightmares haunting our stories are real.  A hunter’s job is to kill these nightmares and it takes more than disbelief to do so.  Whether your life was saved by a hunter or a loved one was taken by inexplicable events, at some point your eyes have been opened and you realize that there are things that go bump in the night.

Step 2) Get armed
What does every victim in every horror movie have in common?  They were unarmed!  Creatures aren’t going to have mercy on someone just because they are innocent (in fact, that’s their favorite victim).  Hunters must be prepared to fight and kill anything that threatens them or another person.  The standard starting gear (though you will expand on this as time goes) is:

  • Shotgun
  • Knife
  • Large blade
  • Salt
  • Handgun
  • Silver (either in bullet form or blade)

Step 3) Get books
As detailed in the history chapter, everything that’s out there has been there since the dawn of man or earlier.  Thus, everything has been fought and defeated before and these victories are always written down.  The hunter’s most important and vital weapon is knowledge.  You’ll need to seek out books on legends, myths and religions.  The older and closer to the era where the Truth was common knowledge the better.

Step 4) Get a journal
You’ll need to organize your thoughts to help you deal with every day struggles.  There will also be times where you might discover an important piece of information was missing from your books or a new method for killing something.  Writing all this down will help maintain your sanity and will aid future hunters in their efforts.

Step 5) Get an appropriate car
The hunter’s life is that of a nomad’s, you’ll be spending almost all your time on the road.  Make sure you have a vehicle that is not only comfortable enough for driving long hours, but also has enough room for your arsenal and luggage.

Step 6) Train your body and mind
Ex-military and cops make some of the best hunters.  You’ll be putting yourself through some of the most physically and mentally scaring battles ever.  You’ll need endurance and strength to survive creatures usually stronger than humans.  The world is filled with signs of the Truth and you also need to train in finding and recognizing these signs.  A passing word or gesture could be the difference between a shape-shifter or demon, coincidence or omen.

*There’s lots of terms for the world hunters inhabit.  The Truth is a common usage, referring to the ultimate reality that most thought fiction, but is fact.  Most people don’t want the Truth as it is a harsh crucible.


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