the Hunter Handbook – Witnesses

(in the spirit of the handbooks for various superheroes like Superman, Batman or Spider-man, I’m writing my own handbook for hunters in a shameless self promotion attempt to get a real one from Kripke)

Dealing with Witnesses

Witnesses have always been an important part of the hunter’s trade.  Dealing with them was a bit easier in older days when legends and the supernatural were common knowledge, and people were able to tell the difference between a werewolf and a shapeshifter.

In today’s less suspicious times, witnesses will generally be less trustworthy as they will be rationalizing their experience with something they didn’t believe existed.  A hunter must first be reassuring.  The witness will be wary to explain what really happened at risk of being ridiculed or labeled crazy.  Once they have confessed to you what really happened, the hunter should reassure the witness and aid their efforts to rationalize away the incident. (you want to avoid further involvement)


How you present yourself to the witness is the first and most important thing to remember.  The most common disguise is a sport coat and slacks with a nice tie.    With a simple fake ID, you can pass yourself off as a federal agent, reporter, insurance investigator, and much more.

A hunter should also keep a pair of generic blue jumpsuits ready.  Attach a quick patch or two and you become a member of the service industry, which a most everyone is willing to help.

Cover Story

In addition to your clothes, the hunter must have a cover story to tell the witnesses.  Insurance investigator is one of the best as they rarely require ID and with the premise of helping the witness, they will be willing to open up to you.  Reporters should be used only as a last resort.  Witnesses will be even less willing to speak with you if they think their words are going to end up on the front page.

Keep in mind that your cover might be blown when you least expect it.  As such, have a second cover story prepared (choose one that explains why you were lying in the first place – reporter is the default).

A good cover story is one that has just enough details to convince the witness but not too many to remember.


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