Episode Review – Heaven and Hell

I feel now is the time for an overview of my grading system.
Every episode gets at least 1 automatic shell just for being an episode of Supernatural.

Tonight’s episode took place in my home state of Kentucky.  A bonus shell for that.

We also got to see the extremely hot Julie McNiven again, good for one more shell.

So what was the final score for this episode?

(I’d put it up to 6 shells if I didn’t want to save such hyperbole for the truly greatest.)

What can I say spoiler free of this episode?  Ummm… not much.  It was a treat to see Traci Dinwiddle as Pamela again and some other guest stars (no Bobby though, he’s just referenced in name only).

The biggest reveal?  We don’t get any more Supernatural till Thursday of January 15th.  Boo!  Guess it’s time to break out “Cure for Hiatus” again…

Episode Link

So what was the big mystery of who (or what) Anna was?  As Pamela helped her learn, she was an angel.  An angel who shed her “grace” to become mortal.  The “grace” was the McGuffin this episode, the only way to keep Anna alive and please nobody (Heaven or Hell).  The ending where it was all a plot of the boys was great and classic Supernatural.  I love Kaiju and Sam’s quote (“When Godzilla and Mothra are fighting, it’s just best to get out of the way.”) wins major brownie points.

Not much discussion from this episode except that they made us care about Dean’s time in hell again.  With cryptic lines like Alastor’s, “Dean, you had such potential.” and Anna’s “You have to forgive yourself.” we were finally given clues that more than just torture went down there.  How was the final reveal?


I was disappointed with the whole “time moves differently down there”.  The buffy/angel-verse did it before (several times if I remember).  I was hoping it would be a little unique in Kripke’s world.  Although there is wiggle room. (It just seemed like 40 years Dean.)  But the real answer?  That Dean was tortured into torturing others?


I thought the answer of “what happened in Hell” was bound to disappoint, but it didn’t.  It might not be the “ultimate torture” for everyone, but for Dean, I can’t imagine anything worse.  It also gives us a glimpse into how people are transformed.  Now I’m curious as to how their father did down there (since he was in Hell for almost a year (that’s 120 years Hell time).  Kudos to Jensen for really selling that scene.

How was Julie’s performance in the end?  Awesome. (and no I’m not just saying that because I really really want to be Dean…)  The poor girl had to run like a light switch through this show, going from confused to confident – tortured to bold all at once.  The scene of her and Ruby in the backseat I enjoyed more than that I thought I would (Dean: “An angel and demon in the backseat?  That’s like the start of a joke.  Or a penthouse letter.”  Sam: “Dude.  Reality.  Porn.”)  Now that she’s finally been restored to an angel (a kick-ass angel apparently) I’d like to see her and Dean end up happily every after once it’s all said and done.  Her description of her “job” and how alike her life was to Dean’s was touching.

What about the theology?  Well Anna claims that only 4 angels has seen the face of God.  That makes one wonder about Jesus.  “If you have seen me, you have see the Father.” He said and angels did attend to Him throughout the gospels.  I should go looking up some older Christian lore to see if this is drawn from Catholic legends.  Not completely offensive, and it gives us a point of discussion about how more humans (at least 12) have seen God’s face than angels.  I do have to admit that I’m pleased that they’ve made God distant this season, as it keeps the story on edge and lets us know we can’t really expect a literal Deus ex Machina.

I can’t wait for Janurary…

Keep hunting.


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