Episode Review – Monster Movie

Spoiler Free review-

Awesome! Did you enjoy Supernatural’s Christmas episode last season? If the answer’s yes, you’re going to love tonight’s showing. Kripke promised us a Halloween episode this year, and I’m not sure if this is it but I don’t see how he could do better.

This is an episode of pure “fluff”. There’s no big continuity reveals, not much in the way of characters, if you’re wanting to know about the arc of season 4, you can skip it. But even the brothers point out how great it is to be on an “old-fashioned” hunt. The entire episode is a half hour tribute to the classic Universal monster movies, so if you love some of those, it’s a complete 30 minutes of geeky joy. The episode even starts out with an old fashioned credit sequence and is filmed entirely black and white.

And… that’s it. Not much discussion about this show except to make a drinking game of how many movie references you can get (beyond the obvious ones). The makers know just when we need a fun, humorous break from the end of the world.



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Spoiler Discussion
Really, there’s not a lot to discuss about this one, except maybe all the possible references to other movies.  The “intermission” right before commercial break midway through was a brilliant touch that had me falling down with laughter.  The only “myth arc” related material here is a little talk at the beginning over Sam’s use of his powers.  He promises to quit cold turkey and I’d bet Sam probably could… until circumstances are going to force him to use them.  There is a very legitimate point though.  With his powers, Sam can free people without killing them, but something about this concerns God & co – so we’re still wondering what in the world YED’s endgame plan is.

The only other large question proposed here is that of the shapeshifters.  They don’t strike us as being truly “supernatural”, just an alternate form of humans (they might even be a new species).  So once again we have some questions the show might address:

  • Shapeshifters could be studied by science.  Is there any guy in a lab coat doing experiments on them?  Is he acting as a friend or just “mad”? (like Frankenstein)
  • Apparently they are driven to killing by a harsh and cruel world.  But could there be some that came from an accepting home and are generally well adjusted, just living their lives like any other person?
  • Could we actually get a shapeshifting hunter?  One who – since they already lives on the outside – decides he/she wants to make a difference for the positive and hunts what’s negative on the outside.

Kripke shows us here that there could be some very compelling stories using shapeshifters, while I think a whole mythos-related series about them would be overkill, a new comic series or novels could be well suited to them.


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