Episode Review – Metamorphosis

The “classic” supernatural returns with a MotW episode that amps up the gore & horror total while still throwing in a laugh or two. Of course, this isn’t just a monster of the week episode, but ties into the greater mythology – the monster “Jack” a parallel to Sam.

Still, why did I only give it 3 shells? If Are you there God… was a rehashing of Jus In Bello, then this episode was a rehash of all of season 2 (especially The Usual Suspects). This time they held off Sam’s incessant moping and let us watch Jack do it instead.  A nice change of pace,  but still moping.

We get to meet another hunter in this episode again.  However I am growing weary over every hunter we see being a well intentioned extremist(WIE).  Only Sam, Dean and Bobby seem to be well adjusted (depending on whether you count Ellen and/or Jo)*.  I understand and know that it makes a lot of sense for hunters to be that way but… the show just kind of needs a bit of picking up.  Be nice to have a hunter (especially a girl hunter) who’s more like the old Dean from season 1.  Or bring back Tamara.  If this is truly a war the world’s in, I’d like to see the boys become more like generals (reluctantly of course) and gathering allies, resources, coordinating with people, and so on.

But anyway, that’s all for now.  Spoiler discussion will be posted below once the link for the episode is up.


Episode Link



This is one of those episodes so heavy handed that discussions seem rather pointless.  I deducted a half shell on reflection when I realized this show had an easy solution which they almost went with.  There was talk that Jack might be able to avoid transforming if he didn’t eat human flesh, yet at no point was it ever suggested or seriously considered just leaving him tied up until the hunger passed, or hell – just leaving him unconscious.  Much less a bright idea is letting the monster awake and then taunting him into an adrenaline fueled rage.

Did the wife really have to be burned as well?  Why didn’t anyone take her to an abortion clinic or just attempt to induce a miscarriage?  (The one time a pro-choice stance would have be justified by story and they didn’t mention it heightens my belief that this show has a strong conservative core.)  One does wonder, after seeing her husband eat a man alive, will the wife keep the child (and we’ll have a new problem years down the road) or will she attempt to get rid of it.

Ho hum, I’ll have to say that this is probably the worst episode of this season so far but considering how incredible this season has been, it’s not that bad.  Last few MotW shows have had a bit too much moping, here’s hoping Kripke gives us some straight up fighting the next time around.

*Recall that if Rising Son is truly canon, then even John Winchester was a WIE.


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