Review – Rising Son

Now that the comic has ended, how was the story of Rising Son over all?

First I must issue a correction.  Before I thought it was a continuity error for John Winchester to be using the devil’s trap.  However, I had forgotten that in Bad Day at Black Rock, the boys found a devil’s trap on the floor of their father’s storage.

Overall, the story wasn’t too bad.  It was great to see John as the bad-ass hunter we knew from reputation on the show.  However, his reputation was also one of mercy.  True he is also willing to do whatever he must to protect his boys but killing other hunters seems to be pushing it, as well as killing off innocents possessed.  Would it have been too much to ask to have John show a little regret at his choice?

John did have a problem with alternating experience and stupidity.  One moment he’s reciting the exorcism for memory, the next he’s pouring a line of salt OUTSIDE of the shack the Winchesters are staying at.  John should have known enough to just salt the doors and windows INSIDE where wind isn’t going to blow it away.  We also never see him resort to holy water which is unrealistic since John was using that in season 1 even when he was “forgetting” about using some devil’s traps.

The hunters-after-Sam does get a minus for being used once before, and I thought it was done enough with Gordon and his friend.  Would that the threat had been something else, either a new monster or one from the show we’ve only seen once.

The big reveal from the story was Ms Lyle being Lilith.  My thoughts:

  1. Continuity error: Ms Lyle was drawn with red eyes, Lilith should have all white eyes.
  2. Exactly what happened to Lilith is in question.  In issue 3 it appears that she’s been banished to Hell but she returns in time for issue 6.  In either case, the body of Ms Lyle goes with her (it disappears in 3 and comes back in 6).  That would seem to indicate that Lilith wasn’t possessing a body per se, but the ending (where her head’s cut off) also seems to imply otherwise.
  3. It’s also revealed that Lilith wants to take Sam away and “be a mother” to him.  With the reveal in season 3 about a “new power rising” (which is Lilith), we know that Azazel was either commanding her before (otherwise, she wouldn’t be “rising” after his death) or had quashed any competitive tendencies from her.  So what was Lilith’s motivations in this story?
    a) Azazel commanded her to take Sam, to further the boy’s chances of winning the final contest; proving just how much he favors Sam.
    b) Lilith is competing with Azazel and is aiming to take the favorite (Sam) under her wing to subvert the YED’s plans.
    c) unknown

In the end?  Though I wanted to like this story a lot – and did like that the series’s title could apply to Sam or Dean – there are too many conflicts with current canon to enjoy.

I added a salt shell for the art, which wasn’t bad and another one for Kripke’s great short story at the back of issue 6. Maybe when the TPB comes out this will be worth picking up, but right now the individual issues aren’t. Except for #6, go pick up that one right now and ask for more comics from Eric.

Keep hunting…


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