Episode Review – In The Beginning

The only way tonight’s episode could have been any better is if they’d gotten the mighty Bruce Campbell to play Dean’s grandfather. But instead they went with an excellent second choice with Skinner from the X-files.

Yes, the trailers are true, tonight is the time travel episode, and while there are a lot of tried and true cliches, they are nonetheless played well and smart (like every take Supernatural does on tropes).

Still, there are a lot of questions answered (and a suspicion of mine was confirmed). 4th season keeps rocking and already the hiatus over summer was nothing compared to the days between episodes.

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Spoiler Discussion…

This episode was a treat to watch, however I was hoping more that Dean would just be able to watch the past (as Sam was when the YED took him to the night Mary died).  As this article points out (with #8), time travel stories where children go and meet their parents have a slight problem:

nobody bats an eyelid when his Mom has a kid who looks exactly like him.

Now Dean was born late enough past meeting his parents that there would be no question there that John was his father.  It also is less of a problem as Mary never gets to see her child grown up (dying when he was a boy and all), and Dean grew up away from his hometown.  However, it does bring up the issue about when he gets older and he’s with his father.  Surely John must remember the stranger that helped him choose the Impala.  But is it really a plot hole?  By the time Dean grew into the man whom advised his father to buy the metalicar, they were hunters, therefore it’s possible John knew (or was open to) the possibility of time travel.  Maybe we get another layer to John leaving the car with Dean, because he knew Dean helped him pick it out and thus had “earned it”.

Big question answered: how did Mary know the YED? Because she made a deal. It was a great reveal that Mary came from a hunting family before and that the job is in the boy’s “blood”. However did we have to have the squick moment of her making out with her father? This act of “sealing the deal” with a demon via kiss brings up the rather disgusting thought of how John sealed the deal with the YED in “In My Time of Dying“. How ironic that by making a deal in order to have a family, she condemned her children to her greatest nightmare. Let this be a lesson to all of you: DON’T MAKE DEALS WITH DEVILS! (and I’m looking at you spider-man)

The YED needing permission to enter a home brings up some confusion as we’ve had demons invading homes throughout the series. (How man have invaded Bobby’s residence alone?) Here’s hoping the matter gets settled later on what exactly the “red tape” is.

This episode seems to confirm that the psychic kids were not born (as I originally thought) but were made by Azazel. Castiel warned Dean that if he doesn’t stop his brother, the angels will (also confirming what we’ve been suspecting, that this season might see the two brothers on two different sides). Having her son become the “anti-christ” would probably be a worse nightmare for Mary than becoming a hunter.

Props to the show for bring Azazel’s plan back as well. We thought the mystery was solved in season 2 but oh no… there’s more we weren’t aware of. So let’s have a quick plan rundown:
-Azazel wanted an army out of the devil’s gate in Wyoming.
-Gate surrounded by iron devil’s trap, going to need some help.
—Solution: Make deals with parents to give a child of theirs special powers.
-Later: Select one of the children in a special contest and tempt him/her over to your side.
-With human ready, have him/her cross the devil’s trap and open the gate.
—If humans run into some hunters (probably, you know how meddlesome they are), have him/her use their power to succeed.
-Prepared army comes forth from the gate, lead army with 2nd-in-command human…

Ok, the last 2 were just for humor, but we do know that Azazel had a plan that stretched beyond basic world domination (the “Profit!!!” up there). So what clues do we have about this other plan?
..Ruby may be less “human” than she’s been selling us and might actually be the most loyal Azazel supporter of all*. Could she be a child of his? (sister to Meg?)
..Lilith seeks to release Lucifer.
..Azazel has some kind of “end-game” that the “champion” psychic kid (in this case, Sam), has a role in.
..Lilith has been trying to kill Sam.
Therefore, it seems unlikely that Azazel’s end-game was to release Lucifer.

What are some “normal” demon plots? (both in this series and in legends in general)
1) World domination
2) Take over heaven
3) Release ____

We’ve confirmed that 1 was a part of Azazel’s plan, but apparently not the ultimate goal. Logically speaking, it also seems that 3 is not the final goal either (otherwise it seems that it would be Lilith tempting Sam, rather than Ruby). Could the goal be 2? Seems a little mundane and something the angels would know about. Looks like we’ll have to keep watching the season to find out this “new-old” mystery.

The war is on people. Hunt well…


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