Episode Review – Are you there God? It’s me, Dean Winchester.

As before, I’ll do a brief, spoiler free review, then do an in depth discussion once the show is up and available for viewing.

My previous assessment that “Supernatural is back” still stands. The show has regained that combination of humor and horror that hooked us fans in the first place. This episode takes the set up from before and runs it for another first down. There is one continuity error though. Otherwise it’s a great trip down memory lane as a lot of favorite guest stars return. I know it was said that the show was getting a smaller budget this season, but Kripke & crew have proven that good writing can make up for it. Budget may be smaller, but the show doesn’t feel smaller. It’s shaping up to be an awesome ride to the final season.




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Spoiler discussion:

Right off the bat we get contrast between the brothers.  Dean has told Sam about the angel while Sam still hasn’t revealed about working with Ruby or his expanded powers.

Did you get a sense of Deja Vu?  Yeah, the show did play almost exactly like Jus En Bello (season 3).  Which isn’t too bad considering how good an episode it was.

Nice to see some of the guest stars again.  Of the people the Winchesters failed, the show makers did a great job picking out the 3 most memorable and favorite.  It was great to see them again.  I’d actually classify this as Supernatural’s clip show (or the closest they’d ever come to one).

Here’s a question: how many hunters are there in the US?  We’ve had at least 2 mass killings of them now (roadhouse, and Bobby mentioned… what was it? 20 killed this episode?).  Seems if that much more of them die, the numbers add up to the Winchesters running into 2 on each job.  Kripke and Co might need to back off a little.

Really starting to love the actor playing the angel.  He’s putting his own stamp on it like Fredric Lehne did on the YED (in fact I’d already love to see the two of them square off).  It’s nice to see the angel as an ACTUAL warrior of God.  This one does strike you as a being that would inspires pants-wetting fear in any who saw it (as documented in the bible).  It’s nice to have a show that’s not only NOT insulting to Christians, but almost theologically correct.

The angel mentioned “win some lose some” and that Lilith is trying to “break the seals” to release Lucifer.  However I am confused.  If they win some, does that mean Lilith has failed or can she try again?  Do all the seals have to be broken or just a percentage of them?

Right now the show is keeping that perfect blend of raising the stakes but not showing everything too fast.  Way to keep us guessing and tuned in Kripke…


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