Cure for Hiatus – #6 Rising Son

Supernatural fans have another great week to feed their fandoms.  Yesterday the 6th issue of the magazine came out (though I was unable to find a copy until today) and the comic Rising Son concludes today.

So how is issue six? (I’ll do an overall review later)

The cover is mediocre again, though it does get sympathy for having to follow the excellent cover of #5.

It opens with someone sitting in the Impala.  Is it John?  Well his thought boxes are a different format…

As revealed last issue, the boys are staying with auntie Pam who has an extra occupant rumaging around in her brain.  She opens the door to reveal… Ms Lyle?  Exactly what happened to her in issue 3 was left vague, still this seems to imply that Ms Lyle isn’t a [hot] body possessed by a demon, but is actually the manifestation of the demon itself (and we haven’t seen many of those).

They all yell at each other before we cut to John, wandeirng on toward Libertyville; further and further from the boys.  After a quick stop for directions, he heads back to the Impala only to notice some very… unnatural clouds heading toward the other direction.

Ms. Lyle does what all demons do- she taunts Dean a bit before giving him a kiss (well, I guess not all of the demons do that last part) which is a bit of neat foreshadowing at his eventual deal.  Dean breaks away, grabs some goods from the kitchen and improvises a fortress for him and Sam in an upstairs room.

John returns to Pam attacking him and he exorcises her as he stabs her in the heart.

Wait… what?

John should know that exorcising demons will save the person they are in if their bodies are in good shape.  Reciting the ritual (and he has it memorized? puts more strain on the continuity of season 1) while stabbing the lady is like blowing up a planet to stop a single terrorist.  John is supposed to be about saving lives, this seems almost too over the top for him.

Anyway, we get a nice full page spread (pun intended) evocative of Mary right before Dean and John take down Ms Lyle together.  Dean lights her up, and John beheds her.  In fact, as the head goes flying, we see black smoke pouring ouf its mouth so I guess I was wrong before.

They find Sam and the family reunites.  Fade back to the scene from the beginning.  Turns out the person’s thoughts we’re seeing is… Dean! (You should figure it out about halfway through the book.)  He’s about to get Sam from Stanford, taking us right into the premiere of the show.

John’s Body Count:
2 demons
Dreadfully low.  Some might question my measuring.  One of those demons he took out before, but since he killed two humans in the process here, it all seems to even out to 2.

Over all?

I can’t remember the last time I was this conflicted.  One page the story is rocking, the next feels like an insult to hardcore fans.  Plus, being the last issue of the series, it has the weight of the previous 5 crushing down upon it.  I’ll review the whole arc soon, but for this issue, I can really only give it 2 salt shells.  It gains one more for…

Yes, if the conclusion of the story wasn’t enough for this issue, in the back is a four page quickie written by Eric Kripke himself.  And?  It is the comic debut of… the GHOSTFACERS.  This story is cool, even poking fun at the comics’ latest storylines before going off into a land of such insanity I can’t finish this sentence.  Well done Mr Kripke.  This extra feature alone makes the comic worth buying.

So hardcore fans, pick it up and set the boards on fire with debate.  Until next time

Hunt well.


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