Episode Review – Lazarus Rising

Season 4 is coming…


Spoiler free review: HOLY SHIT!

Seriously, see this episode as soon as possible!

The show has been awesome and always a good ride through the seasons. But with tonight, one got a feel that the “real” Supernatural was back. Dean wakes up, buried and has to climb out of his grave; only to find the trees surrounding the area flattened as if by a nuclear blast and buildings deserted.

He eventually reaches Bobby and we get a humorous scene trying to confirm that Dean is Dean. They go after Sam and we get another. Turns out… none of the traditional methods of bringing the dead back to life apply to Dean. We have something completely new on our hands.

And how is it handled? Quite well. I was afraid the return of Dean would strain the continuity of the show and lead to a jump the shark moment. To any who had the same concern – no, show is still on track.



Show is up and ready to be watched.



So now I’ll post the spoiler discussion I was holding off till everyone could see the episode.

1) Dean’s return – Like I said, I was glad they made mention of how exceptional and unusual his return was instead of hand waving it away. I hope it really is an angel and God that got him out of Hell instead of some elaborate deception. As a Christian, I appreciate shows that are at least not hostile to my faith, and this show is great for casually endorsing it (even if not perfect theology wise, I can live with that for fiction’s sake).
2) Sam and… Ruby? – Again, nothing against Katie Cassidy (I thought she did quite well as Lilith), but I thought this new actress had a much stronger grasp of the character. She came off more as her own distinct person and less like a Meg reduex. Important questions: Are Sam and Ruby having a… relationship? Or did he just had a night’s fun with that girl and Ruby rented her body? How long has this been going on? She seemed a little nicer to Sam this time around.
3) Sam’s powers – On the one hand, this is totally in character, for Sam to have a way to free people from demons without hurting them with the knife or colt. However… is this good or bad? Ruby did say in season 3 that the talent wasn’t exactly God-given. But then Kripke seems like he should know the Bible well enough to know Jesus’ reply when they said He was using Satan to drive out demons: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” On the other hand, the demons are often infighting so Sam could be maneuvering himself (intentionally or not) into a position of power (after all, if the demons are given a choice: serve him or go to Hell, what do you think they’d pick?).

Conclusion: It does make you wonder, Dean was dead for 4 months (let’s assume Hell time == earth time – 4 months of torture too), why didn’t God & co pull him out sooner? Dean’s new angelic assistant said Dean had a purpose, was needed. I’m thinking, Sam and the use of his power is heading down a dark path (the anti-Christ perhaps?). Obviously Heaven would prefer to keep Sam on their side, so maybe they’ve brought Dean back to act as Sam’s conscience again. Could we be heading to an eventual brother war? (Sam leading demons and Dean leading angels)


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