Cure for Hellatus – Bone Key

Time’s good for a Supernatural fan as we’re in the final days till the premiere of season 4. (which trailers promise to be awesome)

But in the mean time…

I believe my disturbing fandom toward Keith R.A. DeCandido has been well established.  So how will his second effort at Supernatural literature fare?

Quick Summation: Quite well.

Detailed Review:
Remember when I said of Nevermore:

If I had any caveat about it, it is: do not read the blurb on the back of the book, it’s very misleading

Well the back of Bone Key is an outright lie (seriously, I hope Keith contacts me and tells what’s up with those blurbs).

Part of me wants to feel sorry for Witch’s Canyon. If you read it right before this book, Keith’s work will strike you as a version of book 2 that was good.  There are many similarities between the plots, but book 3 weaves itself deeper into the Supernatural mythos.  As before, Keith goes that extra mile to immerse the reader into his work, giving us another “soundtrack” at the back and starts off with a historian’s note.

But it’s not just these frills that push Bone Key into great genre literature.  Keith also adds those little touches that enrich the story without braking for exposition.  Rememberences and remarks from the characters help this story fall into its place.  He really captures Sam and Dean at the right moment during their character development; not forgetting what has changed them before this moment, but managing to ignore all that which is to come.

And what of the plot?  Keith takes great advantage of the expanded format a novel offers him and runs several plot threads simultaneously, much like in Nevermore (where there was a literal A and B plot).  However, unlike before rather than the two plots being largely separate and only tangently connected, this time the plot threads wind up tying together into a bow that’s a pleasure to watch form.  The ending is most statisfying.

He also takes advantage of the book form by forgoing the action set pieces and gun battles that work so well in television/movies (yet poorly in written form), opting for battles of will and magic (which are the strength of books and weekness of TV/movies).

There are also some pecularities some will notice that are unique to Keith.  He is fond of introducing new allies (though few here rise above the ghetto of “set piece”) with a certain… common feature (but I won’t spoil it for you).  He also enjoys lacing his books with clarifications that deepen your appreciation of the show’s mythos and exploring concepts we might never get to see in the show.

One continuity error Keith has.  The Impala has only 2 doors, but he makes reference to a “back door” at one point.

Is there any more praise I can heap upon this book?

Yep, this is a solid 5 salt shell work. Worth the money for hardcore and casual fans alike (especially when you’re trying to pass the time till the next new episode).

We anxiously hunt for your next work Keith…

I got an email from Keith regarding the blurbs

I was not shown the back cover copy for either book until it was too late to make changes. I honestly don’t know who wrote the copy or why it was so off.

Oh well. Looks like if Sam and Dean ever run out of nasties to catch, they can hunt down the yahoo who messed up. In the meantime, ignore what’s on the back, read the books.


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